I’m back!

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry to have been absent from the blog for so long! Unfortunately I had 2 weeks of absolutely horrific exams (it didn’t go very well) and then I had my wisdom teeth removed this monday. I had had the 2 on the left removed in october, and things went quite well. Pain was easily manageable with painkillers and i was able to eat almost immediately after the anesthetic had worn off. I had naively assumed the same would be true this time around… HA! I couldn’t have been more wrong. I seemed to react more to the anesthetic and the extraction itself took quite a bit more work (insert drilling sound here, eeks!) This has resulted in a great deal of pain and discomfort and unfortunately these first few days the painkillers didn’t seem to work too well. So I’ve been pretty doped out. My cheek has swollen to the size of a tangerine (seriously! I look like a hamster! A lopsided freaky hamster!) Due to the pain and the painkillers I’ve been absolutely exhausted and apart from laying on the couch with a pillow and ice for my cheek, I wasn’t really up to much.

But I’m feeling better every day and so I’m back! I have vacation now, so I hope to blog a bit more consistently now. Tomorrow I’ll be back to update on a new KAL, that’s just started and which you can still join and on Friday I have a FO to show off!]

See you soon!

Love, Renée


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