Tadaa: POP! Baby Cardigan

Hello Everyone!

Today, in the spirit of Finished Object Friday, I have a new finished object to share with you! And it’s one I’m really proud of. Not everything went as planned, but as it was my first time knitting a garment, I think I did pretty well!

I had a blast while knitting this! It gave me a chance to see how a cardigan is shaped and formed. At first I was quite confused about the yoke. I didn’t know what it was or where it went in the cardigan, but some googling showed me what it was ( the part near the neck).

POP! Baby Cardigan

Pattern: Pop! baby Cardigan by Rachel Atkinson. I knit the cardigan in the size 3 to 6 months. I have no baby (the recipient hasn’t been born yet, she’s due somewhere in November) to try it on, but it looks teeny tiny! I think it may have ended up a bit smaller. But then she’ll be able to wear it sooner right?

Yarn: I used a really nice yarn with a subtle pink variegation. The yarn slowly shifts from a bright pink to a darkr pink and back. it’s Wibra Bianca in the colour 70177.

Difficulty: The pattern is very clear and the steps are explained in a logical manner. For a beginner it might be a bit tricky to read. I had some trouble understanding how the cardigan is formed, but this wasn’t a big problem. Just do what the pattern tells you to do and you’ll be fine.

Time: It took me 3/4 evenings of knitting to knit up the body (after a few false starts, but I always have those). I then had to wait a while to knit the sleeves as my needles were in use on another project ( a pair of Eugenia’s Mittens for my mom in a lush purple). it’s actually a pretty quick knit!

What do you think?

Love, Renée

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Pick A Boo KAL Update #2

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for the second update on the Pick A Boo KAL! I still haven’t started as, while I was waiting for my yarn to arrive I cast on another shawl and I want to finish that one first now. But that one should be done fairly soon so I should be able to start pretty soon (hopefully before next week’s update!).

I do have something new to show today. I  decided to order the yarn I saw on Etsy (and that I wrote about here) and it has arrived! So of course I have to show it off today!

This photo is very colour accurate. The colour is a very nice dark purplish grey which leans to black at times. It reminds me of my favorite time when night falls and the sky turns all these lovely shades and variations of blue.

The info.

Along with the yarn came a lovely handwritten note, a little magnet and a business card. The note especially was very nice to see. I really think little personal touches like these make shopping at small independent businesses so much more rewarding. I would never imagine a big box store doing something like this.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I think it’s pretty perfect for my Out of Darkness shawl.

Love, Renée

Work in Progress Wednesday 7

Hello Everyone!

It’s Wednesday and this time I actually have some things to show you!

First off: Hexipuffs for my Beekeepersquilt. I have been slowing down considerably with my multitude of projects to pick from. My hexipuffs have been shoved to the background a bit.

But that’s all about to change! I recently won some miniskeins in a challenge on Ravelry (check it out, there’s more challenges and there’s a fun game coming up!). These will soon be knit up, either for a challenge, a random puff or the upcoming game!

I’ve also picked up a project that has been dormant for a bit. The first sock of the pair had taken forever so I needed a break before starting the second one. But I’ve finally gotten back around to it. I’m not really loving it, but I will love it once I’m finished. The pattern and yarn don’t seem to be working together very well. I also made the leg a bit to long and it’s been a bit of a gamble to see if i would have enough. I ended up making the foot a teeeeny bit shorter so that I can finish it, but it’s a tight fit now.

I’ve also started a new project ( because everyone knows I didn’t have enough of them yet!). It’s a shawl and here’a a quick (and crappy, sorry!) photo I took with my phone. More pictures of this later as I’m quite a bit further now!

These have been my main projects for the last week. What have you been working on?

Love, Renée





Nails: Bling Bling

Hello Everyone,

I’ve written quite a few posts about my knitting and crochet, but I’ve been fairly silent about another of my passions, beauty and nails. I want to carve out a little spot on this blog for me to write about these things too. Starting today you can expect posts about nail polish and the newest developments in beauty and my experiences with them.

Today I’m kicking off with a nail polish I recently purchased and which I love! it’s totally bling and shiny! Perfect for when you’re feeling a little down and need a bit of sparkle in your life.

It’s a bottle of pure silver sparkle and it’s hell to photograph. But I think I managed pretty well. I must say that it’s abit dull here, in reality it’s a lot shinier!

Silly enough. I lost it. SO I can’t even tell you it’s name… Sigh. But as soon as I find out, I’ll tell you what it is!

Love, Renée



Pick A Boo Kal Update #1

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a bit of a quiet week around here. Up until yesterday I spent my time relaxing in the sun and generally not moving too much in the (kind of lovely, even though I’m a winter person) summer heat! I spent the day lying on a sun bed, reading book upon book upon book (I think I set a personal record. Read 3 books of 300 pages each in one day! Gahh! I love reading! I ate loads of watermelon and we used the BBQ three nights in a row, yum! Especially after the recent discovery of special BBQ marshmallows that smell and taste like caramels! They’re the best EVER, and I can consider myself an expert on all things marshmallow!

The above is the main reason there was no WIP wednesday yesterday, I haven’t really been doing much apart from reading, eating and lazing about.

No great progress on the KAL front either. Except that I must mention that after a lot of encouragement both here and on Ravelry I caved and bought my yarn. Ahhh, it’s going to be so nice! I can’t wait for it to get here and to get started. Currently my yarn is vacationing in San Fransisco somewhere, so it’ll probably be a while yet.

In my anxiety to get started I cast on another shawl though! I’m only on row 7 now, because row 7 entailed a 3 to 5 increase. It looks pretty, but my god that is a monstrosity for a newbie! I had no clue and no one puts in a lifeline after 6 rows, so it involved a lot of frogging and starting over. More on that soon!

I’m off to work on my ripple monster now as it’s been a while and I really want to (plus i can read while I’m at it, hoorah!)

Love, Renée

Sunny Sunday

Hello Everyone,

We’ve finally been having some proper summer weather! It’s so lovely we’ve spent most of our time outdoors this weekend. On Saturday my parents went to the beach and I stayed home (my cheek was still miserable and swollen) and laid about in the garden. I pulled up a lounge chair and spent a few good hours working on some of my projects. I managed to finish a surprise gift for an incoming baby, and knit a few hexipuffs. And I read a few books (I started and finished the last 2 books of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and then sat around wondering what to read next). I also had some fun with my camera and thought I would share some photo’s with you!

All a person needs for a day in the sun (apart form lots of water!)

Isn’t this the perfect rose?

Little orange teakettle!

As you can see I had quite a lot of fun romping around the garden. I’m off to town now, I need new sports gear (I haven’t done anything in about 2 years, so new stuff is in order as I am going to start exercising again) And tomorrow is supposed to be the last of the nicer days, so then I’m going off to the beach!

Love, Renée


Tadaa: Eugenia’s Mittens

Hello Everyone!

It’s friday, so it’s time to show off something I finished recently! I blogged about the project featured in today’s Tadaa when I cast on, you can read about it here.

I finally finished my Eugenia’s Mittens! This was quite a challenging project! It took me several tries to get the pattern straight, I had never made mittens before and the cable pattern is very intricate (but oh so pretty!)I had to start over more than a few times, but that made finishing these that much more rewarding. I love the finished product and will wear then a lot once winter comes around again (or even fall… we’re having a few good days now with lovely weather, but it’s been very rainy and cold for the biggest part!).

The pattern: Eugenia’s mittens by Mollie Woodworth (the pattern is free on Ravelry!)

Yarn: Vintage Acrylic in deep intense red (Zeeman – Royal). This yarn comes in balls of 260 meters and I had at least half left over. These mittens would make perfect little stash busters  (could be a great christmas gift too!)

Difficulty: 4/5, it’s certainly doable, but I often forget I am still a novice and can’t make everything in the blink of an eye (kind of glad about it too, learning new stuff is fun!) For experienced knitters the cables might be a bit of a challenge, just because it’s so intricate. Lifelines are a good useful tool for these mittens!

Time: These mitts knit up pretty fast, but because I had to start over a few times the first one took a while. After that the second took me about 2/3 evenings of relaxed knitting. I’ve started a second pair (and a third and fourth pair are on my list, they were quite a hit here and everyone requested a pair haha!)for my mother and I’ve completed the first of her mittens in record time!

This photo shows the colour of the mittens best, the red is really bright!

Leftover yarn

Can you imagine? Me in my dark, long woolen trench coat, hair carefully coiffed into a stylish bun (maybe someday!) with these red babies on my hands? Snow softly falling around me… Ah I love winter! My mom’s pair is going to be a dark purple as that is her favorite colour and the third pair (for a friend) will be grey. My sister is getting a slightly variegated red.  I really like making these, so if you need a pair of mittens be sure to give this pattern a try!

Love, Renée