Casting On: Eugenia’s Mittens

Hello Everyone!

I recently cast on a new project! It’s not exactly cold right now (as a matter of a fact this Wednesday is supposed to be record breaking… This summer is turning out a bit strange weather-wise!)The weird weather is making me look strange as well. I cast these on when we had gone back to wearing our winter coats and when I was in doubt if I could still get away with gloves (I didn’t think so and froze my fingers off!), but I ran into some trouble and am now restarting them during a heat wave… Ah well, it’s not like I’m going to put them on as soon as I cast off, right? Oh… Yeah… New project love. If i’ve recently finished something I use it constantly, be it a cowl, blanket or toy. I think my newness at making actual things is to blame! I just love how magical it is to grab some thread and sticks, make weird movements et voila! A useful something!

So mittens. I came across the Eugenia’s mittens pattern and experienced love at first sight for the first time (but probably not the last time). These marvelous cabled mittens as designed by Mollie Woodworth are just so perfect. I knew straight away I needed to make these. And it turns out I had the perfect yarn in my stash, which makes it a stashbuster project and completely allowed (I’m making myself finish things and am trying to not buy so much yarn). This yarn was a lush bright red. Am I using the word perfect too much?

I examined the pattern and thought it would be a challenge, but doable. It took a few tries, but finally I was making some good progress and I had finished the cuff and the first cable repeat. Until: I was boasting to my sister about how awesome they looked and I noticed a huge mistake… I had crossed one of the cables the wrong way and made the mitt look bad. So okay. I’d have to tink back a bit…But IU’ve never tried that with cables before… I ended up losing track and ripping out the entire thing in anger. I made it pay with 2 weeks in hibernation. But now I needed a small travel project that I could distract myself with when I need to take a break from studying as the next 2 weeks will be filled with exams for me… BRRRR! So I’m taking this project and hoping things improve. I will master this pattern!

Love, Renée


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