New Camera: Part 2

Hello everyone!

I have been experimenting with my camera (Sony Alpha 350 DSLR for those interested) and wanted to share some of my pictures with you today!

This time i took a lot of pictures of people, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing these pictures without asking first and everyone is asleep right now. Perhaps at a later time! My sis and I had a major photo session in the backyard. Her posing like crazy and me playing around with the camera. We had such fun!

Here are some of the other pictures I took!

Let’s start with a laugh (because trust me I laughed like crazy when I came across a few of these!)… This was a bit of a blonde rookie mistake.. I stood in front of the sun and cast a shadow on the daisies in my pictures. I failed to notice this when I was taking them! So bad!

This one I quite like. I love the green colour!

Not the best, but aren’t these little birds the cutest? They were handcrafted for us!

Another favorite. I (again) love the colour! This is the perfect vibrant purple!

Look familiar? Somehopw this picture keeps capturing my attention. I think I like this random boat stuff!

Our lawn chairs. This was one of the main spots my sister wanted to have her photograph taken. Look at those flowers!

Dried flowers. I like how clear the little veins are!

Our yummy dinner of different Ravioli and Coriander sauce!

I also took a bunch of photo’s of my projects, but you’ll see those soon enough!

See you again soon!

Love, Renée


2 thoughts on “New Camera: Part 2

    • Renée Kies says:

      Dankjewel! Ik hoop het ook, maar heb de komende 2 weken tentamens dus dan moet ik even hard werken en kan ik niet zoveel spelen haha! Hopelijk kan ik in het weekend nog wat tijd vinden!

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