Update: Giant Granny blanket

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been a bit distracted by my exams lately so I realized today that I completely forgot to write this wednesday about my projects! One of my projects is very nearly completed, so I felt it would be right to give a little update as the last one was a while ago. Today’s photo’s don’t yet show the small section of border I’ve already done, as I took these over the weekend (but haven’t really worked much on it since then). My border so far is 1 round of sc in white and 2 rounds of sc in lilac. I was thinking of fading back out of the white into the coloured section, making a rather broad border, but I’ll have to see how that turns out. I’m also considering just doing a broad strip of each colour in reversed order (which is why I started with the lilac!).

Here I was working on the last corner of the last round of granny clusters. After that it was on to the border!

The last shot was me playing around with my new love, my Sony Alpha 350 DSLR camera!

What do you think?


Love, Renée



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