New Camera!

My baby ❤

Guys Guys!!!

I did it! I purchased a proper camera! I’m as of this afternoon the very proud owner of a Sony Alpha350 DSLR Camera. I’m nearing the end of year exams at Uni, but today homework and exam prep were nowhere in my thoughts. I spent my time playing around with my new camera. I ended up taking 312 (!!!!!) pictures just this afternoon. I still have no idea what I’m doing so after my exams I need to start learning more about my camera. My parents are even willing to send me to a photography course to help me out. I’ve always been an advocate of learning by doing so of course I’ll pick up some skills (or I hope so anyway!) in the 2 weeks before then so I can still get better pictures for the blog. Up till now I was using the camera on my Iphone for all my photos and while the camera is pretty good considering it’s a phone, the quality wasn’t really that impressive. Well, that’s certainly going to change! From today on expect heaps of better quality and, at least for a few weeks, an overload of pictures as I can’t resist using my new camera and always have trouble choosing. View at your own discretion: from now on posts are going to be slightly picture heavy!

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my first shots. A few of them show obvious learning points and others I already quite like!

In the store testing it out, my very first shot!

Ooooh Flowers!

Love how well saturated colours are!

More flowers

Yummy strawberries! Again: look at that colour!

Mom was cooking so…. here’s a pan!

Pink Flower. I should learn their names!


Not quite blooming

My fave of the day!

Random branches: this would be a learning moment!

We have a lot of these pink flowers!

Not quite there yet

Red flowers!

Different pink flowers

Buttercups! Right?

Mr Gnome! He was made for us by my aunt. Isn’t he cute?

Old boat stuff

The glitter test: my phone could never take a proper picture of glitter. I’d say my new baby passed!

Missoni blanket. Ahhh colours ❤

Figured out how to do black & white!

I’m pretty pleased with how they look right now. Perhaps I’ll look back at these in a few months and be “what was I thinking!?!”, but for now…. I’m pleased! Going to take this camera with me everywhere for the next few days. Heading out to the beach tomorrow and to a park for some more pictures. Saturday my sister requested a full out photo shoot (lol! Get a new camera and people expect a pro!) with make-up and the whole shebang. I’m not sure the result will be to impressive, but it’ll be a great experience and get me more comfortable behind the camera. Plus I intend to do one in a few months pretty similar so that I can see my progress 🙂

My mom has already recruited me for every future family gathering to take pictures, because we all agreed we don’t have nearly enough. Family this is your warning!

Love, Renée


5 thoughts on “New Camera!

  1. Wonderful! I see you’re getting to grips with the new camera already. I particularly like the orange kettle one. The colour is great and it’s just an interesting shot I think. I’m sure you’ll be learning loads as you go, but what a great starting point!

    S x

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