Work In Progress Wednesday 5

Hello everyone!

My work in progress wednesday post is a bit late today, and I was considering letting it go as I don’t have that much progress to show you. But I felt like typing and so: voila.

This last week had a theme: Frogging and ripping out

Not a very nice theme for a person that loves to create. I’ve been a bit out of luck in my projects. Over the weekend I mainly paid attention to my Floral Fantasy Blanket (the one with the puffy flowers, i forgot to take a picture) I had previously run out of white yarn (seriously the borders on these squares look small, but they take quite a bit of yarn!) and had made 40 colourful centers (2 of each colour) and those still needed borders. I have 2 left to go, so I’ll do those this weekend and then I need to make more centers. I’ve decided to keep working like this, first making the flowers and then adding the white border as it seems to go faster than when I do a complete square. I get a nice rhythm going and zoof! Loads of squares. I now have about 60 squares finished And I thought this was a good step forward. I did a little math:

Each square is about 7 centimeters. I want a large blanket of 2 by 2 meters. I need way way way more squares than I thought! To get the size I want I need 40 strips of 40 squares.  That means 1600 squares! Holy moly! That means 80 in each colour. I’m not sure I’m pretty suer I won’t have enough yarn for that, so I’ll have to see how far I get. Perhaps I should add in some white flowers to keep my fantasy calm? What do you guys think?

In the mean time I got a 12-pack of white yarn. It turns out to not be exactly the same, it’s an older version of the yarn I’m using, but as it’s similar enough and I’m having trouble getting the yarn I was using (Summer &not really a yarn store, but a store that happens to have some yarn = out of stock till next winter. Plus it seems they are filtering out this brand and are starting to exclusively sell another brand –> less nice in my opinion too! Booooo!) this will have to do.

I’ve also managed to squeeze in a row on my Ripple this week, but no real progress right now. At this rate it’s going to take forever.

I’m signing off for today. More next week I promise! By then there will be pictures again, as that’s a lot nicer to read in my opinion, but I just feel like I don’t really have any for you now and taking them now is impossible as it’s very dark out. My pictures next week should be very good in comparison to those before. I’m buying myself a proper camera! I’ll be sure to show it off here once I get it and I’m going to play around with it a lot. So expect mazing pictures in the future, with the occasional experimental angle or setting. For those interested I’m getting a secondhand Sony Alpha A350 DSLR camera. Just the kitlens it comes with for now, but I’m hoping to expand in the future. For those of you that like photography: can you recommend any good learning tools such as podcasts, websites, etc? I’m an absolute beginner and am really hoping to both pick up practical tips and increase my general knowledge of photography as it’s basically zilch.

Goodbye now!

Love Renée


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