Tadaa: Not so business casual

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post will be all about one of my recent FO’s, or Finished Objects. I finished my second pair of socks!

Here’s the specs:

Name: Not so business casual socks

Pattern: Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee

Yarn: Strengels Acrylgaren colour 103

Started on: 13-03-2013

Finished on: 22-05-2013

I loved making these socks, although I had bought the yarn on a whim and was a bit unsure about it before. As the socks progressed I ended up loving how the neat pattern cooperated with the bright variegation. making for garishly bright, but totally wearable socks. The pattern was easy, although i had to keep the pattern handy. I tended to make mistakes otherwise. My yarn is rather thick for a sock yarn and so the socks look pretty huge. The cuff is a bit loose (due to the loose cast on asked for in the pattern, would just do a regular cast on next time), but the rest of the sock fits rather snug. Unfortunately the socks look humongous and I’m not really sure why. My feet surely don’t look that massive!? (and neither do my other store bought socks). My first pair of socks has the same problem, so I’m assuming it’s a yarn problem. Both times I used a fatter yarn.

They have been washed once already and they have held up perfectly. They look as new and are a tad softer than before (when they were already pretty soft!)

Time for some pictures!

At the beginning of the project I was worried about not having enough yarn, so I left out one pattern repeat on the leg (they’re long enough as it is, so I’m glad I did! I ended up with two full repeats on the leg). In the end I have a bit left over that can be transformed into hexipuffs! You could already see one in last Friday’s Finished Object Friday.

I love love love these socks and this project has really shown me that i like making socks. So definitely more to come in the future (the yarn is already mine!

Love, Renée


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