New Yarn

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry for being so quiet! I’ve just been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and felt it best to focus on other things for a while, such as schoolwork, my health and my projects. And with success. I’m getting back on track with my schoolwork and am taking better care of myself. And just last night I finished a project! My Not So Business Casual Socks are done. Off the needles and on my feet. And i love them! But more about that tomorrow. Today I’m going to be talking about yarn…

I ordered some yarn for upcoming projects and I thought I’d share it with you!

First: I’m going to be knitting my first blanket. I’m working on several crochet blankets, but a relative is expecting his first baby and i came across the perfect pattern (Baby Shane Blanket)

Now the original Baby Shane blanket looks like this (picture above), but I wanted to brighten it up a bit and use a few different colours, I will be using two different shades of the same colour for each triangle. I chose yellow, red/orange, blue and green. I wanted to use yarn that has these bright colours, but I can’t see myself spending time on something that never gets used due to being impractical (read: non washable). SO my yarn needed to be able to be washed by machine. And i found it. SMC Bravo comes in many great colours and is easy to care for. It’s already arrived and I can vouch that it is also very soft. Perfect for a baby blanket!

I also bought some yarn at a yarnstore (Downtown Yarns) in New York when I visited with my dad! I don’t think he’ll ever want to go yarn shopping again, though he did amuse himself. He kept laughing at me trying to choose yarn! We had planned a nice amount of time, but we still ended up almost missing our taxi to the airport. Whoops! Time flies in a yarnstore! I came away with a few real beauties!

Two gorgeous skeins in my favorite colour from Plymouth Yarn. this is their worsted Merino super wash. Quite pricey at $15 per skein. But my dad helped pick it and I’m going to use it to make him a scarf for christmas.

I couldn’t resist picking up some Malabrigo worsted (somehow i always say Malabrigio though…). I have heard so many people rave about this yarn and as soon as i touched it I knew why. This stuff is good! I picked 2 unusual colours, colours I wouldn’t normally go for. But they’re just so pretty and soft. I’m thinking of using these for hexipuffs đŸ™‚

Then some Frogtree sock yarn. I’ve never heard of it, but as soon as I saw it I had to have it. This colour is so me! I’m using this one for hexipuffs as well!

Morte hexipuff yarn. This is Koigu’s  painters palette premium, a yarn that has often been used for puffs. The colours were so lush and inviting. I had a tough time choosing, but I ended up taking this pretty skein home.

Ooohhh! Sock yarn that is actually going to be used for socks! I had been wanting some of the self striping of patterning sock yarn for a while. And when I saw this skein tucked away in a corner all alone, he was coming along. The leftovers will be hexipuffs đŸ™‚ Although it was quite pricey ($20) I’m going to have a blast knitting with it, so it’s completely worth it!

I also brought home some pretty exclusive yarn. This is a really really rare cotton yarn. it’s so rare because the cotton is grown in the colours of the yarn (there were whites, beiges and even a dark green). it’s only allowed to be produced on a reservation, becuase the other cotton farmers are deathly afraid of it infecting their pure white cotton plants. There is only one such reservation in the world. This yarn is soft and feels amazing. I couldn’t resist! It’s lace weight so there’s a lot of yardage in this little ball. I’m feeling a shawl for this!

I also spent a weekend experimenting with dye on some cheap chinese yarn i ordered off ebay. it was supposed to be 80% wol (and therefore dyeable) but the dye set pretty badly so I’m not sure that’s correct. My mom dyed some pants black with a chemical dye (Dylon I think) and I tossed a skein in too. The dye was black, but my yarn came out a nice dark navy grey shade. Unfortuantely this yarn is a menace. It tangles every chance it gets and is very breakable. I think it’ll be good for a practice or easy care shawl. No crochet. I tried using it in a crochet shawl and it was impossible to see my stitches. this is destined to be knit.

This is the second skein i dyed. The colours washed out a bit here too. But it turned out a lovely peach with a gorgeous shine.

I’ve decided to start preparing for christmas early this year. I want to make all my family members at least one handmade item (with input form them on what). I’m also making myself something. I came across the perfect thing last week. A new pattern by Tiny owl Knits, Moonkoosa boots. I ordered 13 skeins of Drops eskimo in a beige and darker beige blend to make them.

and while I was ordering…. I might as well snatch up some more yarn đŸ™‚ For my new sock habit: two skeins of Drops delight in grays and 2 skeins of Katia Nuuk for a nice warm cowl (which is already finished!)

That’s it for now. I’m sure more will be to come at a later time. For a while I’m going to focus on current projects and am going to work from my stash.

Love, Renée


2 thoughts on “New Yarn

    • RenĂ©e Kies says:

      Thank you đŸ™‚ Almost embarrassed to say this isn’t nearly all! AH well never have to wait to start something new!

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