Casting On: Eugenia’s Mittens

Hello Everyone!

I recently cast on a new project! It’s not exactly cold right now (as a matter of a fact this Wednesday is supposed to be record breaking… This summer is turning out a bit strange weather-wise!)The weird weather is making me look strange as well. I cast these on when we had gone back to wearing our winter coats and when I was in doubt if I could still get away with gloves (I didn’t think so and froze my fingers off!), but I ran into some trouble and am now restarting them during a heat wave… Ah well, it’s not like I’m going to put them on as soon as I cast off, right? Oh… Yeah… New project love. If i’ve recently finished something I use it constantly, be it a cowl, blanket or toy. I think my newness at making actual things is to blame! I just love how magical it is to grab some thread and sticks, make weird movements et voila! A useful something!

So mittens. I came across the Eugenia’s mittens pattern and experienced love at first sight for the first time (but probably not the last time). These marvelous cabled mittens as designed by Mollie Woodworth are just so perfect. I knew straight away I needed to make these. And it turns out I had the perfect yarn in my stash, which makes it a stashbuster project and completely allowed (I’m making myself finish things and am trying to not buy so much yarn). This yarn was a lush bright red. Am I using the word perfect too much?

I examined the pattern and thought it would be a challenge, but doable. It took a few tries, but finally I was making some good progress and I had finished the cuff and the first cable repeat. Until: I was boasting to my sister about how awesome they looked and I noticed a huge mistake… I had crossed one of the cables the wrong way and made the mitt look bad. So okay. I’d have to tink back a bit…But IU’ve never tried that with cables before… I ended up losing track and ripping out the entire thing in anger. I made it pay with 2 weeks in hibernation. But now I needed a small travel project that I could distract myself with when I need to take a break from studying as the next 2 weeks will be filled with exams for me… BRRRR! So I’m taking this project and hoping things improve. I will master this pattern!

Love, Renée


New Camera: Part 2

Hello everyone!

I have been experimenting with my camera (Sony Alpha 350 DSLR for those interested) and wanted to share some of my pictures with you today!

This time i took a lot of pictures of people, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing these pictures without asking first and everyone is asleep right now. Perhaps at a later time! My sis and I had a major photo session in the backyard. Her posing like crazy and me playing around with the camera. We had such fun!

Here are some of the other pictures I took!

Let’s start with a laugh (because trust me I laughed like crazy when I came across a few of these!)… This was a bit of a blonde rookie mistake.. I stood in front of the sun and cast a shadow on the daisies in my pictures. I failed to notice this when I was taking them! So bad!

This one I quite like. I love the green colour!

Not the best, but aren’t these little birds the cutest? They were handcrafted for us!

Another favorite. I (again) love the colour! This is the perfect vibrant purple!

Look familiar? Somehopw this picture keeps capturing my attention. I think I like this random boat stuff!

Our lawn chairs. This was one of the main spots my sister wanted to have her photograph taken. Look at those flowers!

Dried flowers. I like how clear the little veins are!

Our yummy dinner of different Ravioli and Coriander sauce!

I also took a bunch of photo’s of my projects, but you’ll see those soon enough!

See you again soon!

Love, Renée

Update: Giant Granny blanket

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been a bit distracted by my exams lately so I realized today that I completely forgot to write this wednesday about my projects! One of my projects is very nearly completed, so I felt it would be right to give a little update as the last one was a while ago. Today’s photo’s don’t yet show the small section of border I’ve already done, as I took these over the weekend (but haven’t really worked much on it since then). My border so far is 1 round of sc in white and 2 rounds of sc in lilac. I was thinking of fading back out of the white into the coloured section, making a rather broad border, but I’ll have to see how that turns out. I’m also considering just doing a broad strip of each colour in reversed order (which is why I started with the lilac!).

Here I was working on the last corner of the last round of granny clusters. After that it was on to the border!

The last shot was me playing around with my new love, my Sony Alpha 350 DSLR camera!

What do you think?


Love, Renée


Tadaa: Soft comfort

Hello Everyone,

Today’s “tadaa!” moment is all about one of the projects I’ve recently made that was done and off the needles before I had time to blog about it. It was quick and pretty straight forward.

Remember the Katia Nuuk yarn I ordered recently? A soft luscious goodness of yarn that ranges from fingering to super bulky all in one ball? That’s what I used for this project. My goal was to make a warm and comfortable cowl that sits snuggly around my neck without being constricting or itchy. I cast on 60 stitches and had a blast. I completely get why people use bulky yarn now! The fat (in this case 8mm) needles can be a bit heavy on the hands so frequent breaks are necessary, but it knits up so fast! I finished this cowl in 2 sittings (not counting the ones experimenting with size, etc). I improvised the pattern, but here’s what I did:

– Cast on 60 stitches.

– Knit one round, purl one round. Continue until yarn is almost finished.

– Bind off.

Quite the pattern huh?! No, let’s be serious, this is the perfect project for a beginner. It’s a fun and quick knit (although the consistency of the yarn can be a bit tricky and makes it harder to identify stitches. A stitchmarker is a necessity!) that helps practice knitting in the round, the knit and purl stitches and still delivers a fun end result. Because, where is the fun in knitting endless rectangles?

I was surprised by how forgiving this yarn ended up being. Any mistake was swallowed by the texture of the yarn and it survived multiple froggings remarkably well!

Of course as soon as I finished the thing the weather took a turn for the better, so it’s way to warm to wear right now. Come winter, I should be well prepared though, as I have another on the needles right now!

Love, Renée

New Camera!

My baby ❤

Guys Guys!!!

I did it! I purchased a proper camera! I’m as of this afternoon the very proud owner of a Sony Alpha350 DSLR Camera. I’m nearing the end of year exams at Uni, but today homework and exam prep were nowhere in my thoughts. I spent my time playing around with my new camera. I ended up taking 312 (!!!!!) pictures just this afternoon. I still have no idea what I’m doing so after my exams I need to start learning more about my camera. My parents are even willing to send me to a photography course to help me out. I’ve always been an advocate of learning by doing so of course I’ll pick up some skills (or I hope so anyway!) in the 2 weeks before then so I can still get better pictures for the blog. Up till now I was using the camera on my Iphone for all my photos and while the camera is pretty good considering it’s a phone, the quality wasn’t really that impressive. Well, that’s certainly going to change! From today on expect heaps of better quality and, at least for a few weeks, an overload of pictures as I can’t resist using my new camera and always have trouble choosing. View at your own discretion: from now on posts are going to be slightly picture heavy!

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my first shots. A few of them show obvious learning points and others I already quite like!

In the store testing it out, my very first shot!

Ooooh Flowers!

Love how well saturated colours are!

More flowers

Yummy strawberries! Again: look at that colour!

Mom was cooking so…. here’s a pan!

Pink Flower. I should learn their names!


Not quite blooming

My fave of the day!

Random branches: this would be a learning moment!

We have a lot of these pink flowers!

Not quite there yet

Red flowers!

Different pink flowers

Buttercups! Right?

Mr Gnome! He was made for us by my aunt. Isn’t he cute?

Old boat stuff

The glitter test: my phone could never take a proper picture of glitter. I’d say my new baby passed!

Missoni blanket. Ahhh colours ❤

Figured out how to do black & white!

I’m pretty pleased with how they look right now. Perhaps I’ll look back at these in a few months and be “what was I thinking!?!”, but for now…. I’m pleased! Going to take this camera with me everywhere for the next few days. Heading out to the beach tomorrow and to a park for some more pictures. Saturday my sister requested a full out photo shoot (lol! Get a new camera and people expect a pro!) with make-up and the whole shebang. I’m not sure the result will be to impressive, but it’ll be a great experience and get me more comfortable behind the camera. Plus I intend to do one in a few months pretty similar so that I can see my progress 🙂

My mom has already recruited me for every future family gathering to take pictures, because we all agreed we don’t have nearly enough. Family this is your warning!

Love, Renée

Work In Progress Wednesday 5

Hello everyone!

My work in progress wednesday post is a bit late today, and I was considering letting it go as I don’t have that much progress to show you. But I felt like typing and so: voila.

This last week had a theme: Frogging and ripping out

Not a very nice theme for a person that loves to create. I’ve been a bit out of luck in my projects. Over the weekend I mainly paid attention to my Floral Fantasy Blanket (the one with the puffy flowers, i forgot to take a picture) I had previously run out of white yarn (seriously the borders on these squares look small, but they take quite a bit of yarn!) and had made 40 colourful centers (2 of each colour) and those still needed borders. I have 2 left to go, so I’ll do those this weekend and then I need to make more centers. I’ve decided to keep working like this, first making the flowers and then adding the white border as it seems to go faster than when I do a complete square. I get a nice rhythm going and zoof! Loads of squares. I now have about 60 squares finished And I thought this was a good step forward. I did a little math:

Each square is about 7 centimeters. I want a large blanket of 2 by 2 meters. I need way way way more squares than I thought! To get the size I want I need 40 strips of 40 squares.  That means 1600 squares! Holy moly! That means 80 in each colour. I’m not sure I’m pretty suer I won’t have enough yarn for that, so I’ll have to see how far I get. Perhaps I should add in some white flowers to keep my fantasy calm? What do you guys think?

In the mean time I got a 12-pack of white yarn. It turns out to not be exactly the same, it’s an older version of the yarn I’m using, but as it’s similar enough and I’m having trouble getting the yarn I was using (Summer &not really a yarn store, but a store that happens to have some yarn = out of stock till next winter. Plus it seems they are filtering out this brand and are starting to exclusively sell another brand –> less nice in my opinion too! Booooo!) this will have to do.

I’ve also managed to squeeze in a row on my Ripple this week, but no real progress right now. At this rate it’s going to take forever.

I’m signing off for today. More next week I promise! By then there will be pictures again, as that’s a lot nicer to read in my opinion, but I just feel like I don’t really have any for you now and taking them now is impossible as it’s very dark out. My pictures next week should be very good in comparison to those before. I’m buying myself a proper camera! I’ll be sure to show it off here once I get it and I’m going to play around with it a lot. So expect mazing pictures in the future, with the occasional experimental angle or setting. For those interested I’m getting a secondhand Sony Alpha A350 DSLR camera. Just the kitlens it comes with for now, but I’m hoping to expand in the future. For those of you that like photography: can you recommend any good learning tools such as podcasts, websites, etc? I’m an absolute beginner and am really hoping to both pick up practical tips and increase my general knowledge of photography as it’s basically zilch.

Goodbye now!

Love Renée

Tadaa: Not so business casual

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post will be all about one of my recent FO’s, or Finished Objects. I finished my second pair of socks!

Here’s the specs:

Name: Not so business casual socks

Pattern: Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee

Yarn: Strengels Acrylgaren colour 103

Started on: 13-03-2013

Finished on: 22-05-2013

I loved making these socks, although I had bought the yarn on a whim and was a bit unsure about it before. As the socks progressed I ended up loving how the neat pattern cooperated with the bright variegation. making for garishly bright, but totally wearable socks. The pattern was easy, although i had to keep the pattern handy. I tended to make mistakes otherwise. My yarn is rather thick for a sock yarn and so the socks look pretty huge. The cuff is a bit loose (due to the loose cast on asked for in the pattern, would just do a regular cast on next time), but the rest of the sock fits rather snug. Unfortunately the socks look humongous and I’m not really sure why. My feet surely don’t look that massive!? (and neither do my other store bought socks). My first pair of socks has the same problem, so I’m assuming it’s a yarn problem. Both times I used a fatter yarn.

They have been washed once already and they have held up perfectly. They look as new and are a tad softer than before (when they were already pretty soft!)

Time for some pictures!

At the beginning of the project I was worried about not having enough yarn, so I left out one pattern repeat on the leg (they’re long enough as it is, so I’m glad I did! I ended up with two full repeats on the leg). In the end I have a bit left over that can be transformed into hexipuffs! You could already see one in last Friday’s Finished Object Friday.

I love love love these socks and this project has really shown me that i like making socks. So definitely more to come in the future (the yarn is already mine!

Love, Renée