Work in Progress Wednesday 4

Hello Everyone!

Here’s a quick update on my current projects! I had a grand plan of finishing all my current wips, before casting on anything new last time i posted, but this plan derailed ever so slightly. I ended up finishing my not so business casual socks (post coming up!) and felt so elated that I had to cast on something new. I picked yarn out of my ever-growing stash (another plus!) and cast on for a project that had stolen my heart. And worked on it for the rest of the week. Everything was going well. The pattern is a real challenge as it’s ever so slightly above my skill level and after knitting the cuff (20 rows) of my first mitten (seems a logical step after knitting socks) and doing one full pattern repeat (16 rows) filled with cables and new increases. I noticed a mistake a few rows back. I had made a horrible mistake in one of the cables. DARN! Time to tink… TOTAL DISASTER. I don’t have much experience tinking back to fix a mistake, and no experience tinking back when cables are involved. I decided to rip back a bit. But then: I could not, for the life of me, get my stitches back on my chubby needles (5 mm, they feel huge!). So I ended up frogging the whole thing and broke my heart into tiny little pieces. I had been so proud of my mastering this tricky mitten and now it’s gone. Not the end of the world, but it sure hurt! So now I need to cast on again, but I’m letting it be for a while.

I also worked on another project, but it’s already finished so I can’t really post about it here… Post coming up on that one too!

I’ve also picked my hexipuffs back up tonight (I’m writing this at 2 in the morning). I have 3 just of the needles and another in the works, But I’m finishing before bed so I figure it doesn’t really count as a wip. I had planned a puffing hiatus this month due to my plans to finish all my other projects (Ha!), but a group on Ravelry that I’m a member of has started a lovely race! The first to make 10 puffs since the announcement wins 10 mini skeins! I could really use those and so my creative juices are flowing once again and I simply had to begin.

I managed the odd round on my Giant Berry granny blanket, and it is close to being finished, but isn’t done just yet.

I love how many people post about the books they’re reading and am thinking of reviewing books as I finish them here and keeping you updated on what I’m reading (be warned: I’m a book nerd. I read fast and I read a lot –> I pack a book for the 5 minute car trip to the supermarket).

Todays books: I finished Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong ( book 8 in her series women of the otherworld, which i personally adore). And am now halfway through Living with the dead, book 9 in the same series. ( Yes, in one day. I warned you!)

That’s all for today! I’ll be linking up with Tami’s Amis once again 🙂

X Renée


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