Work in Progress Wednesday 3

Hello Everyone!

It’s wednesday once again! Time for an update on the projects I’ve been working on for the last week. However I made a rookie blogger mistake. After spending a lot of time on my Giant Granny Blanket I had hoped to finish it this week. On monday it became clear that that wasn’t going to happen just yet and I made a mental note to snap a picture of the thing before I left for my dorm room… Guess what I forgot? I think my mental note got lost somehow because I completely forgot to snap a picture. Facepalm. I’m blaming my blond roots that are starting to show (need to redye my hari this weekend) and the fact that my hair is reverting to blond completely (the red/orange has completely disappeared, i’m just a darker blonde now). A shame, because I really liked the colour 😦

But okay. No picture for the giant granny. I’ll just describe my progress using a previous photo.

Giant Berry Granny Blanket

In the previous shot I had just started adding in the white. I continued by slowly fading out the colours by doing a row of white between each of the colours (only 1 row of each). I then continued using just white. I currently have 7 rows of pure white done and I’m thinking of either stopping now and making a huge border of continuing for a bit longer. I’m leaning towards continuing the white for a bit longer to balance out the colours a bit more. We’ll see. At some point i’ll probably have the feeling that this is just enough white and move on to the border. Perhaps I’ll get to show it off next friday?

Edit: Ooohhh! I found a picture!!! I forgot I took a (not so great) snap shot for Instagram (if you want to follow me there, my name is @renee_kies). It shows what I’m talking about though!

I’ve also picked a project that has been hibernating for a while back up. My Not so business casual socks. I’m almost done with the first sock and am really getting into the sock knitting again. It’s just so fun and completely different from the giant granny that has been my project for days upon days without anything else coming between.

I’m pretty sure I can finish this firs sock tonight and am hoping to get started on the second, before I lose interest. That reminds me. I have no clue where the second ball of yarn is. I’m praying it is here in my dorm room so I can start straight away, otherwise I’ll start other things and it might take a while to get to the second sock.

Sock 1

This might be a good time to tell you about my plan: Plan Finish Things. I have more WIPs than I have time and it’s a bit constricting as I want to cast on more things. I’m working to finish up current WIPs and then aim to keep the amount of WIPs lower. This way I will feel better and do more. Win-win for all those involved.

That’s it for today! I’m linking up with Tami’s Amis, check out what others are working on!

Love, Renée


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