Hi Everyone!

I meant to write and post this before I left for New York, but never got around to it. I still want to share this though, so I’m posting it today. I recently got some new goodies and wanted to share my great score with you! personally I love seeing what others purchase/trade/etc so I’m hoping you do too!

Concentration tea

First off, I love tea. I’m always one for the funny flavors and love to try new things. I had been searching for this new tea for a while as it’s rumored to help with your concentration. I have yet to try this tea, because while the idea is very appealing (great for exams!), but this stuff smells horrible! Actually makes me feel like retching. I still want to try it. Some other kinds of teas smell horrible, but taste great, so I’m still holding out hope this one will fall in the same category!


Two notebooks from Flying Tiger. The large one I bought to use when I draw out charts or a colour design. Might be nifty to plan out a blanket too! the smaller notebook is lined and I’m going to use it to make lists. My mind feels so much more organized when I keep lists and tick off what I’ve done.

I loved these things when I was a kid! I still regularly use bold letters and bought this would be easy for quick bold lettering in my writing! This also came from Flying Tiger.

Warm feet!

The floor in my dorm room is an ugly blue linoleum. It’s not only ugly, it’s also very cold when you  step on it with bare feet. When I came across this rug and realized it was super soft and warm I decided I needed it for my room. It fits perfectly and cheers my room up nicely!


I couldn’t resist these cute ceramic doorknobs. I thought they would fit on a cabinet I have in my room at my parents house, but unfortunately they don’t. SO i’m saving these for another day! Maybe I can fix up an old cabinet…

One Way

My old boring black laptop sleeve was falling apart and I was needing a new one. This one was very cute compared to my old one so I took it with me. The label said it was for a 13″ laptop, but it’s a bit spacious for my 13″ Macbook Pro. I’m thinking of sewing some soft numbers for the sides to make it fit.

I had run out of some cosmetic and body care products so I had to pick some up. I grabbed my favorite body lotion, the Inecto Pure Coconut body lotion and a new compact powder by essence (my old one was too dark), some disinfect gel for in my purse and a blue polish from a brand I haven’t tried before (Coral).

I picked up some newly released yarn colours from Wibra (from the Saskia line). I was planning on using these for a blanket, but after casting on my Floral Fantasy blanket, I’m not sure what my next blanket will be. The yarn on the left has already been commandeered for my Giant berry granny blanket. I’ve been eyeing the Vasarely blanket for a while, but want to make it in matching colours. I’m thinking of using the two greens on the left and finding a third green to go with them.

At Wibra I picked up some new circular knitting needles. I’ve recently started to learn how to use these and wanted some of the harder to find smaller sizes. I hadn’t used this brand before and am therefore very curious to try them out.

I grabbed some yarn at Pipoos for my Floral Fantasy blanket. it still needed an orange and a pale green colour. I haven’t used this brand before, but I’m really pleased so far. I’m definitely considering this brand for future projects as the price was pretty good as well!

I’m really pleased with all the things I managed to get and everything is going to be used. What did you buy last?

Love, Renée



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