Casting on: Floral Fantasy

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the prolonged absence! After New York I was pretty jet lagged and needed some downtime with a good book and one my many projects. I’ve been working on my giant granny square blankie as well and the first skeins of yarn seem to be running out. Hoping i will have enough of the colours to get a decent size. I guess I’ll add more white in there 🙂

Another project I have been working on I shared a snapshot of before i left, read about it here. I’ve started another blanket, that’s three in progress at the moment and about 100 ideas still whizzing through my mind trying to get out and in on the action. The current one has been names Floral Fantasy. Clicking on the link will take you to my Ravelry project page for this project.

Grey Square

The squares have a popcorn stitch flower as the centre and a white (in my case anyway) border. I have 20 different colours of yarn for the flowers, but all the borders will be white. I’m thinking i’ll be placing the flowers at random, but I can’t say for certain now. I’ll decide for sure when i have all my squares (Yes, I’ll be sewing my squares together when they’re all finished). I’m thinking I’ll just stuff them in a bag, shuffle thoroughly and pick one out at random and sew it on.

The pattern is Something Pretty by Millie Makes, but I’ve edited the border slightly. If you want to know more, check my notes on my pattern page (mentioned above).

here’s my first 20 squares together, in different states of being finished. Somehow the colours look a bit washed out here, in reality a few of them are offensively bright.

I’m going to get back to work now! I’ll see you next wednesday for an update (and some posts in-between)

Love, Renée


3 thoughts on “Casting on: Floral Fantasy

    • RenĂ©e Kies says:

      Thanks! I think it’s my favorite at the moment. i lot show fast the squares work up! Might turn out to be my quickest blanket yet!

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