Quick Work In progress Wednesday

Hello Everyone.

I’m about to leave for Schiphol so I can get on my plane to New York, but I wanted to do a quick update for Work in Progress Wednesday!

I startes a new project. Another blanket. This time not one large project, but a project consisting of smaller projects. I’m making a sort of popcorn flower in all kinds of bright colours against a white background. I’ve only managed one so far, but I love how cute the squares are. I have always been a texture loving girl. I like feeling things. (sounds weird, but it is true!) These flowers feel so nice!

This is my first square. I’m working on a square with a bright yellow flower now. The pattern is Something pretty by Millie Makes and can be found here (it’s free!). More on this soon!

I’ve also managed to do some work on the Giant berry Granny.

Only a few rounds more than last time, but you can see how I plan to transition into the white.

That’s it, I have to run!

Love, Renée

ps. Linking up once again.




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