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Finished Object Friday 4

Hello Everyone!

As I mentioned last time I have a lot of finished project to show you guys! I’m not going to stuff them all into this one post, as I think they deserve their own tadaa moment. BNut i’m going to show you a few sneak peeks and a smaller project today 🙂

First off: hexipuffs. I wasn’t planning on making any this month, but an impromtu race in one of my groups on Ravelry got my juices flowing and I was scrambling to make 10. I didn’t win but it did really get me motivated to make them again. So even after learning someone had already finished, I finished mine. And I’m proud of myself. I’ve never made puffs this fast, i think i beat my record on time per puff. And this is the most puffs I’ve ever made in a day. It took me 2 evenings to crank out my 10 puffs. Here they are.

here they are displayed on a doily my mom brought me back from France. I love it! I’m going to use it as a basis to design my own doilies!there are a lot of blue puffs here. I bought a whole skein of the blue variegated yarn a while back to make hexipuffs. So there’s still a lot of these to come. The sparkly purple puff is also one of many to come. I also have a whole skein of this. The bright puffs in the left corner are made form cotton leftovers my grandma gave me. it’s feels really soft and I like the colours (plus it’s out of my stash!) The bright orange and purple puff is from leftovers of my not so business casual socks. I have some more of that left, so I can make one or 2 more like that.

Ok, here you go. Here are 2 pictures that will give you an idea of 2 of my finished projects 🙂

Book wise: I finished Living with the dead and loved the new characters Kelley Armstrong introduces in this 9th book of the series. I do hope they return in a later book though, otherwise it sort of feels like a filler ( a fun one though, giving another glimpse into the world she has created). I’m now on book 10, Frostbitten. Loving it so far (page 99 out of 288) as it hails the return of my 2 favorite characters, Elena and Clayton Danvers.

That’s it for today folks! See you soon (tomorrow!)

Love, Renée

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Work in Progress Wednesday 4

Hello Everyone!

Here’s a quick update on my current projects! I had a grand plan of finishing all my current wips, before casting on anything new last time i posted, but this plan derailed ever so slightly. I ended up finishing my not so business casual socks (post coming up!) and felt so elated that I had to cast on something new. I picked yarn out of my ever-growing stash (another plus!) and cast on for a project that had stolen my heart. And worked on it for the rest of the week. Everything was going well. The pattern is a real challenge as it’s ever so slightly above my skill level and after knitting the cuff (20 rows) of my first mitten (seems a logical step after knitting socks) and doing one full pattern repeat (16 rows) filled with cables and new increases. I noticed a mistake a few rows back. I had made a horrible mistake in one of the cables. DARN! Time to tink… TOTAL DISASTER. I don’t have much experience tinking back to fix a mistake, and no experience tinking back when cables are involved. I decided to rip back a bit. But then: I could not, for the life of me, get my stitches back on my chubby needles (5 mm, they feel huge!). So I ended up frogging the whole thing and broke my heart into tiny little pieces. I had been so proud of my mastering this tricky mitten and now it’s gone. Not the end of the world, but it sure hurt! So now I need to cast on again, but I’m letting it be for a while.

I also worked on another project, but it’s already finished so I can’t really post about it here… Post coming up on that one too!

I’ve also picked my hexipuffs back up tonight (I’m writing this at 2 in the morning). I have 3 just of the needles and another in the works, But I’m finishing before bed so I figure it doesn’t really count as a wip. I had planned a puffing hiatus this month due to my plans to finish all my other projects (Ha!), but a group on Ravelry that I’m a member of has started a lovely race! The first to make 10 puffs since the announcement wins 10 mini skeins! I could really use those and so my creative juices are flowing once again and I simply had to begin.

I managed the odd round on my Giant Berry granny blanket, and it is close to being finished, but isn’t done just yet.

I love how many people post about the books they’re reading and am thinking of reviewing books as I finish them here and keeping you updated on what I’m reading (be warned: I’m a book nerd. I read fast and I read a lot –> I pack a book for the 5 minute car trip to the supermarket).

Todays books: I finished Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong ( book 8 in her series women of the otherworld, which i personally adore). And am now halfway through Living with the dead, book 9 in the same series. ( Yes, in one day. I warned you!)

That’s all for today! I’ll be linking up with Tami’s Amis once again 🙂

X Renée


Hello Everyone!

I’m so sorry for being so silent. I just had a rough week and couldn’t really find enough time to sit down and blog. As this is something I do for fun I don’t want to pressure myself to write when I don’t feel like it. I’m afraid it would make this “blogging thing” a lot less fun and i believe it would reflect poorly on my writing skills ( in other words: I’ll rush and it won’t be very good!)

Today is just a quick update (at least this post) and then I’ll get to work on some other posts for the following days. There’s quite a bit of catching up to do. I’m feeling better most days and am actually looking forward to going to school again (I’ve been in a funk: uninspired and unmotivated and consumed by crochet and knitting combined with bad habits isn’t very good for anybody!) I’m still consumed by crochet and knitting, but I feel like things are getting a bit more balanced. When I just got into knitting and crochet I was so excited I spent all my time on it. I used to love doing my nails, but I barely did so anymore. The time to let them dry seemed far too long! the past few weeks I’ve been doing my nails again and have generally started to feel like it’s quite alright to not be obsessed all the time. It’s okay to do other things too. I won’t die if I’m not in contact with yarn all the time. I’ve also realized that I really have to get my ass in gear concerning my schoolwork, or this year will end up a total failure, something which I really can’t afford. There’s still a lot to be done in that field, but I feel like I’m making more and more better choices and if i stick with it, i’ll get there.

I’ve also been getting more and more mad at myself for my bad eating habits, my lack of exercise and weird sleeping hours ( stay up late and sleep in). I’m wanting to start exercising again. I’m thinking of setting myself the goal of running a 10 km competition before this time next year. I used to really like running (as long as I could bring my iPod and could do it on a trail instead of a boring track) and i was in great shape (my body loves me!). I generally felt better and happier when i worked out every now and then. Even a run once a week would be better than nothing. The running would also help me tone up a bit, as my bad eating habits have caused me too lose some shape and help me feel more comfortable, because I think my body (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!) is ver different from the way it used to be (curvy and full instead of lean and toned and in proportion) and this may be one of the reasons i’m not as i’m supposed to be. A few steps toward my old self would help me get back on top of things I believe!

I mentioned my bad eating habits, they are horrendous and I know it. I know I should change and yet I don’t. I feel like a coward sometimes because they have a very clear reason. I live in a dorm hall with 16 people and 1 small kitchen. I’m very shy and don’t like when people constant comment on whatever I’m doing. there’s this one rather fat guy in my dorm that ALWAYS comments on what i’m eating whilst compared to him I’m a stick figure. He doesn’t eat healthy himself, nope, just makes me feel bad when I don’t. I can’t stand the guy!!!

Basically I’m a coward and to avoid his snarky comments, I don’t cook. At all. I live on ramen and pre made salads. And sometimes some pizza. I’ve decided ot cooking because that person annoys me and makes me feel like crap is idiotic. He shouldn’t have such an influence on me! So i’m going to start cooking again, which I used to really enjoy!

Okay, this post is turning into a bit of a rant, but at least this gives a sort of look into my life and what’s going on. Back to the fun stuff!

Love Renée

Work in Progress Wednesday 3

Hello Everyone!

It’s wednesday once again! Time for an update on the projects I’ve been working on for the last week. However I made a rookie blogger mistake. After spending a lot of time on my Giant Granny Blanket I had hoped to finish it this week. On monday it became clear that that wasn’t going to happen just yet and I made a mental note to snap a picture of the thing before I left for my dorm room… Guess what I forgot? I think my mental note got lost somehow because I completely forgot to snap a picture. Facepalm. I’m blaming my blond roots that are starting to show (need to redye my hari this weekend) and the fact that my hair is reverting to blond completely (the red/orange has completely disappeared, i’m just a darker blonde now). A shame, because I really liked the colour 😦

But okay. No picture for the giant granny. I’ll just describe my progress using a previous photo.

Giant Berry Granny Blanket

In the previous shot I had just started adding in the white. I continued by slowly fading out the colours by doing a row of white between each of the colours (only 1 row of each). I then continued using just white. I currently have 7 rows of pure white done and I’m thinking of either stopping now and making a huge border of continuing for a bit longer. I’m leaning towards continuing the white for a bit longer to balance out the colours a bit more. We’ll see. At some point i’ll probably have the feeling that this is just enough white and move on to the border. Perhaps I’ll get to show it off next friday?

Edit: Ooohhh! I found a picture!!! I forgot I took a (not so great) snap shot for Instagram (if you want to follow me there, my name is @renee_kies). It shows what I’m talking about though!

I’ve also picked a project that has been hibernating for a while back up. My Not so business casual socks. I’m almost done with the first sock and am really getting into the sock knitting again. It’s just so fun and completely different from the giant granny that has been my project for days upon days without anything else coming between.

I’m pretty sure I can finish this firs sock tonight and am hoping to get started on the second, before I lose interest. That reminds me. I have no clue where the second ball of yarn is. I’m praying it is here in my dorm room so I can start straight away, otherwise I’ll start other things and it might take a while to get to the second sock.

Sock 1

This might be a good time to tell you about my plan: Plan Finish Things. I have more WIPs than I have time and it’s a bit constricting as I want to cast on more things. I’m working to finish up current WIPs and then aim to keep the amount of WIPs lower. This way I will feel better and do more. Win-win for all those involved.

That’s it for today! I’m linking up with Tami’s Amis, check out what others are working on!

Love, Renée


Hi Everyone!

I meant to write and post this before I left for New York, but never got around to it. I still want to share this though, so I’m posting it today. I recently got some new goodies and wanted to share my great score with you! personally I love seeing what others purchase/trade/etc so I’m hoping you do too!

Concentration tea

First off, I love tea. I’m always one for the funny flavors and love to try new things. I had been searching for this new tea for a while as it’s rumored to help with your concentration. I have yet to try this tea, because while the idea is very appealing (great for exams!), but this stuff smells horrible! Actually makes me feel like retching. I still want to try it. Some other kinds of teas smell horrible, but taste great, so I’m still holding out hope this one will fall in the same category!


Two notebooks from Flying Tiger. The large one I bought to use when I draw out charts or a colour design. Might be nifty to plan out a blanket too! the smaller notebook is lined and I’m going to use it to make lists. My mind feels so much more organized when I keep lists and tick off what I’ve done.

I loved these things when I was a kid! I still regularly use bold letters and bought this would be easy for quick bold lettering in my writing! This also came from Flying Tiger.

Warm feet!

The floor in my dorm room is an ugly blue linoleum. It’s not only ugly, it’s also very cold when you  step on it with bare feet. When I came across this rug and realized it was super soft and warm I decided I needed it for my room. It fits perfectly and cheers my room up nicely!


I couldn’t resist these cute ceramic doorknobs. I thought they would fit on a cabinet I have in my room at my parents house, but unfortunately they don’t. SO i’m saving these for another day! Maybe I can fix up an old cabinet…

One Way

My old boring black laptop sleeve was falling apart and I was needing a new one. This one was very cute compared to my old one so I took it with me. The label said it was for a 13″ laptop, but it’s a bit spacious for my 13″ Macbook Pro. I’m thinking of sewing some soft numbers for the sides to make it fit.

I had run out of some cosmetic and body care products so I had to pick some up. I grabbed my favorite body lotion, the Inecto Pure Coconut body lotion and a new compact powder by essence (my old one was too dark), some disinfect gel for in my purse and a blue polish from a brand I haven’t tried before (Coral).

I picked up some newly released yarn colours from Wibra (from the Saskia line). I was planning on using these for a blanket, but after casting on my Floral Fantasy blanket, I’m not sure what my next blanket will be. The yarn on the left has already been commandeered for my Giant berry granny blanket. I’ve been eyeing the Vasarely blanket for a while, but want to make it in matching colours. I’m thinking of using the two greens on the left and finding a third green to go with them.

At Wibra I picked up some new circular knitting needles. I’ve recently started to learn how to use these and wanted some of the harder to find smaller sizes. I hadn’t used this brand before and am therefore very curious to try them out.

I grabbed some yarn at Pipoos for my Floral Fantasy blanket. it still needed an orange and a pale green colour. I haven’t used this brand before, but I’m really pleased so far. I’m definitely considering this brand for future projects as the price was pretty good as well!

I’m really pleased with all the things I managed to get and everything is going to be used. What did you buy last?

Love, Renée


Casting on: Floral Fantasy

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the prolonged absence! After New York I was pretty jet lagged and needed some downtime with a good book and one my many projects. I’ve been working on my giant granny square blankie as well and the first skeins of yarn seem to be running out. Hoping i will have enough of the colours to get a decent size. I guess I’ll add more white in there 🙂

Another project I have been working on I shared a snapshot of before i left, read about it here. I’ve started another blanket, that’s three in progress at the moment and about 100 ideas still whizzing through my mind trying to get out and in on the action. The current one has been names Floral Fantasy. Clicking on the link will take you to my Ravelry project page for this project.

Grey Square

The squares have a popcorn stitch flower as the centre and a white (in my case anyway) border. I have 20 different colours of yarn for the flowers, but all the borders will be white. I’m thinking i’ll be placing the flowers at random, but I can’t say for certain now. I’ll decide for sure when i have all my squares (Yes, I’ll be sewing my squares together when they’re all finished). I’m thinking I’ll just stuff them in a bag, shuffle thoroughly and pick one out at random and sew it on.

The pattern is Something Pretty by Millie Makes, but I’ve edited the border slightly. If you want to know more, check my notes on my pattern page (mentioned above).

here’s my first 20 squares together, in different states of being finished. Somehow the colours look a bit washed out here, in reality a few of them are offensively bright.

I’m going to get back to work now! I’ll see you next wednesday for an update (and some posts in-between)

Love, Renée