Update: Giant Berry Granny

Hello Everyone!

It’s about time I gave a little update on my Giant Berry Granny! The last time it was still in it’s beginning stages, but by now it’s grown quite a bit.

I’m on the 34th round and the rounds are becoming pretty endless. I find that I really look forward to the colour changes and  the corners.

My plan was to use only the berry colours, but while crocheting I noticed that the light blue colour, my main colour, has significantly less meters than the other colours. SO to get the blanket to the size I want it I had to come up with a plan. I decided to get 2 skeins of white and add some wide white strips. I’m not quite sure how to order them yet, but I’ll just see as I go along.

I’m not going to make this blanket as large as my ripple (1,80 X 1,80) but it’s going to be quite large. I’ll just see how far my yarn gets me.

I’m trying to weave in my ends periodically, but as you can see above I’ve got a few waiting for me. I really should do those after the next round!

That’s all on this one for now.

This wednesday I’ll be heading off to New York for 5 days so it might be quiet for a bit. I’ll try to plan in some posts so it won’t be completely quiet but I can’t promise anything.

Love, Renée


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