Casting on: Lindisfarne Shawl

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you about another new project. I’ve cast on my very first shawl! I’ve been charmed by the pictures on Ravelry ever since I joined the site and learned how to knit. Although I’m a little unsure on how one wears a shawl I’ve been desperate to make one of my own! And so, when I came across a new pattern that I absolutely loved and found that I had some suitable yarn (this was before the yarn surprise) and the perfect circular needles, I had to buy the pattern and get started.

Lindisfarne shawl

The pattern I’m referring to is the Lindisfarne shawl by Angelea McGarrah. I can recommend the pattern as it is clearly written and there were no mistakes.  As a beginner knitter I learned many new skills during the process of knitting this shawl and sometimes didn’t quite understand how to precede. Angelea, the deigned of the shawl, was very kind and very helpful to me and helped me work through the pattern.

I liked the colours of the sample shawl above so much that I decided to use the same colours for my version. I am using a fingering weight acrylic yarn by Action in a red and grey colour.

The pattern provides the directions for 3 red chevron stripes, but I feared this would make for a very short shaw and I decided to add some rows.

Here are some pictures of my shawl:

I’m loving knitting this so far! More soon as I’m almost finished now! I only need to block it!

Lots of love,



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