Casting On: Giant Berry Granny

Hello Everyone!

Today I will show you one of my new projects that i have yet to share with you. I’m making a giant granny square. This is quite a popular design for a blanket and there are many different versions that can be created following the same pattern. Colour choices and the way they are repeated (or not) can give these blankets many different looks.

Spring colours

I chose 5 spring colours from my box of yarn (see this post if you have no idea what I’m talking about). I wasn’t intending to start something new until I had finished some current projects, but because I was feeling ill last Thursday I wanted to play with my yarn and somehow I selected these 5 colours and started my blanket. The next day I was actually surprised how well the colours worked together seeing as I had and been sick and on medication and it had been quite late at night. The colours together remind me of spring and berries. And green and blue are my favorite colours!

Starting out

Here’s a picture I took when I just started out. In the background you can see my project page in my notebook. I tape in little swatches of the yarn and carefully document all the yarn details (brand, weight, colour and dye lot) and details about the pattern and tools I am using. On the left you can see the beginnings of my blanket. I actually ended up redoing a slightly larger square than this 3 times. I couldn’t settle on a hook size! In the end I am using a 4.00 mm hook. I don’t think mentioning the yarn will be very useful as all the colours except the grassy green are vintage and have been discontinued.

Here’s a progress picture of my square the next day. The first few rows sure work up fast! Unfortunately the rows get longer with each round. I’m already at the pint that the rounds seem pretty endless! But I like the blanket and the colours and it doesn’t have to be as large as my ripple blanket. This can be a little smaller. As long as i fit under it comfortably on the couch!

I’m hoping this will be a quick project that I can finish in a few weeks (I’m hoping about 2 more), as I really want to cast on my next blanket… I really think I’m getting addicted to making blankets!

Lots of Love,



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