Yarn surprise!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the long silence, but I’ve been terribly busy! On wednesday a huge parcel arrived for me. I had been waiting for it the whole day, but it turns out the postman had been saving it for last due to it being so large and heavy!

As I mentioned quickly in a few earlier posts I had bought a huge box of yarn from a lady that was doing some serious destashing! She was getting rid of several large boxes of yarn and I bought one of the boxes of 8 kilos. In the end it turned out she had given me quite a bit of yarn extra and the box weighed almost 9,5 kilos!

When it arrived I had the most wonderful time going through everything! There was a some vintage yarn, but all still in very good state! There was also a lot of rather expensive yarn that I had never tried before. This is certainly opening me up to new things. I alway thought cotton to be rather harsh and coarse, but included were several kinds of really soft and lush cottons. Perhaps even enough for a sweater!A lot of the yarn was in bright colours. Perfect for some new blankets that I have been planning for a while. As a matter of a fact, I have already started one! More about that soon. I’m a bit behind on writing about my ongoing projects, so there’s a few I still have to share with you. I promise to start catching up!

I took some photographs while unpacking the yarn and wanted to share those with you. Hoping that this way you might be able to share in the experience a bit. I’ll also share a few shots of my favorites!

A first look into the box

When I first opened the box I was a bit overwhelmed. So many pretty colours and soft things. I don’t know how she managed but everything fit into the box. After going through everything I had to put it back into the box because I have no other place to store it right now. Somehow I can’t make it all fit back inside! I stored everything quite neatly, but it just lies in a huge mountain.

A mountain of yarn

Above you see all of the balls of yarn that still have their ball band or haven’t been used *I also received some balls of yarn that had already been started but hat still have sufficient yardage to be useful. I’m actually planning a granny blanket in all kinds of colours)


These are my absolute favorites. Though there are actually three balls of this yarn in total. I have never seen or felt any Rowan yarn before, but now I finally understand why everyone loves it so much! I’m going to save this yarn for the absolute perfect project! I lucked out, because I actually really love the colours!

Another favorite is a yarn called Americano by Lana Grossa. It’s unfortunately been discontinued in 2009, but it’s deliciously soft and I got quite a large quantity. I’m hoping to have enough to make a sweater!

This yarn is a little confusing. I like the bright colours and the quick colour changes. But it’s a rather strange yarn. It feels a bit like a fleece sweater, but I’m not sure what to do with 3 skeins. I’m thinking it will be fun to knit monsters out of. They will certainly be eye-catching!

Fun fact: I nearly doubled my yarn stash with this yarn!

Fun fact #2: Today I calculated how much my yarn equates to in kilometers… *gulp* It was a bit more than I expected! ….I’m almost embarrassed to say…. 48 kilometers… Eek! But I comfort myself with the thought that I have plans for almost all of the yarn. And as my mother and sister both recently learned crochet and are interested in learning more they will also be using yarn from my stash for a while. As a matter of a fact I have already gifted them some! Anything to keep them crocheting! Because it’s fun to be able to work on projects together đŸ™‚

That’s all for now, but I’m sure you’ll see more yarn from this box in future projects!

Lots of love,



8 thoughts on “Yarn surprise!

  1. Oh wow! What a fantastic parcel! I’d be thrilled if that turned up at my door! I’d probably just dive straight into the box! At least you have some projects in mind…I wouldn’t know where to start with that lot!!!

    • RenĂ©e Kies says:

      Isn’t it! I was so thrilled when I came across this amazing deal! There is so much yarn that, even though I think up many projects, I have enough to do them all haha!
      I put it all on my bed and then sat with all the yarn surrounding me whilst trying to sort everything out. So much fun! It was hard to figure out where to start at first!

  2. What an awesome surprise! I have to say, when I see that Rowan yarn all I can think of is a Mr Fox Stole My Heart, by Tiny Owl Knits- the colors look perfect for it!

    • RenĂ©e Kies says:

      Ooh yes! I’ve been wanting to make that little guy for a while! I hope I’ve enough of the yarn to make it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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