Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet! I’ve spent the last 2 weeks studying for my exams and didn’t have much time to do other things. Unfortunately I believe I still managed to fail all my exams đŸ˜¦ So my time might have been better spent crafting and enjoying myself (because no one really likes studying like a maniac right?)

Thankfully I was able to cheer myself up by going on a little shopping trip with my mum. We visited the Vintage Store, a new thrift store in our neighborhood. I love this store! It’s neat and the wares are clean. I’m weird about touching second hand things, it grosses me out completely! Weirdly, the same can be said about barbies. Being a cute little blond girl always got me barbies for birthdays from friends and family, until they knew me better lol! I was a complete tomboy and barbies creep me out. I would play with them every now and then, but afterwards would spend 15 minutes washing my hands over and over. I still do this. I think now it might be due to the kind of plastic used in barbies.

Okay, back to my story. I do not really like second hand things, unless I can clean them properly. The fact that the Vintage Store was neat and clean was great. Most thrift stores are rather dirty and the wares are just stacked haphazardly. I managed to pick out two great wool sweaters that I can recycle for yarn and dye for hexipuffs! I’ll need to look up some tutorials on how to do this, but I’ll be sure to report back here about my experience. I also managed to pick up a huge cork board that I can use to pin on notes and inspirational pictures, etc. It’ll look great above my desk in my dorm room.

We also visited another new thrift store, but this one resembled the usual goodwill stores. BUT: they had a lot of knitting needles and quilting fabric! I’m saving up for my trip to New York in two weeks so I ended up taking a grab bag with several sets of knitting needles home. After a quick bath in the sink, they have found a new home in the jar where I keep my needles. (As soon as everything is done to my liking, I’ll share here!)

Afterwards i stopped by Action, a budget store where they sell pretty much everything. Including yarn.


I came across the pattern for an amazing sweater and had just the yarn in mind. So I picked up 4 balls of navy and grey yarn.

Yarn set

I also picked up a set of small balls of yarn and a crochet hook. This set is comparable to the bonbons by Lion Brand yarn. The colours in this set are amazing, i love the neon pink! I have bought the same set once before, but loved it so much I couldn’t resist getting another.

Office supplies

I came across this cute notebook with a picture of the New York skyline and couldn’t resist. I’m going to be using this to plan my trip to the big apple and document my experiences whilst there. The thumbtacks are great for my new board!

Washi tape

Washi tape

Action is pretty up to date on current trends. Last year when BB creams became very popular they started selling them within weeks. Currently I have noticed that I hear more and more people about wash tape. And lo and behold! Action sells wash tape. I had wanted to pick some up before, but the price always stopped me. These sets of two rolls each were so affordable I had to take them home!

Glass paint

In the picture above you can see the two sets of wash tape again and a box of glass paints. I’m planning some DIY with glass jars and thought this would be fun to experiment with!


You never have enough pens.  I don’t want to keep dragging my set of fine liners from my dorm room to my parents house, so I bought a separate set to leave at my parents house. When I was younger we always had gel pens. This set of scented neon gel pens reminded me exactly of those gel pens. And they would be great for another upcoming project! The same goes for the gold, silver and white pens.

Beauty supplies

The last things I picked up was a bottle of hair serum and a set of facial masks. the serum turns out to be amazing! It rivals the 15 euros per bottle serum I used before and this one cost less than a euro.

This is all for now, but I can say that you can expect more soon. I splurged on some yarn… 8 kilos of yarn to be exact! I came across a lady who was destashing for extremely reasonable prices! The downside is that i’m not sure what I’ll be receiving, but she had several pictures and it looked rather great! And she knows I don’t like novelty yarns as much. I can’t wait! I’m hoping to be getting it on thursday!

Lots of love,



2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Wahaaaa, i have the same glasspaint, it works fab! I posted it on my own blog. Soon i will make a Poncho for my (nichtje) yessi. So i will go to the action to.

    • RenĂ©e Kies says:

      I can’t wait to start playing with it! I’m going to use it to decorate some glass jars that I use to store my knitting needles/crochet hooks. I liked your blogpost about them! Can’t wait to read about your poncho! I’m sure Yessi will be pleased!

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