More shopping!

Whoa guys! I fell off the wagon today! I wasn’t planning on spending any more money this month, but the weather took a sudden turn for the amazing and I was dying  in my warm woolen winter coat. So today I jumped on my trusty bike (well after fighting for 15 minutes with another bike that had blocked mine in… grrr! So annoying!) and sped to town. My mission: to find a light, not to warm, summer coat as my favorite coat  was stolen last year (thankfully sans iPod, which had been in my pocket until I removed it about 10 minutes earlier! maybe they thought it was still in there?). It needed to be soft and summery and a worthy replacement of my old one. I had seen some cute coats on the H&M website, so I went there first. Et voila, within 5 minutes I was outside again and I was wearing my new coat! The first coat I came across, I tried on and loved. And I took it home. Unfortunately I’ve been really, well, blond, the last few days. Before speeding off to the H&M I had received an email with a 25% off coupon. Tadaaaa, what did I forget to show at checkout… the coupon. I need to return to town tomorrow anyway ( My second mission was returning some items from Mango, but (tadaaaa!) I left them at home. After packing them up in a bag so I could take them. Sigh. Being blond is though sometimes! It’s a good thing that I’m going to the hairdresser next week!) so I’m going to pop by H&M and beg them to still give me the discount. I can’t return the coat because I wore it straight away. But I kept the tags and the receipt, so I hope they will work with me on this.

Boekenvoordeel Haul

My yarn stash is frightfully full of dark yarns. I don’t have a lot of bright yarn! And since I want to make some sort of blanket out of small squares and a lot of colours a bit of shopping was necessary. Right? Upon visiting a store (Boekevoordeel, for any Dutchies that want some to!) that stocks my favorite yarn to date (Pingouin Pingofine–> 100% acrylic and amazing colours and very soft!) and it was on sale!!! SO I bought way way way more than I intended… But on the bright side: I probably have more than enough for a blankie as I had several other nice colours already!) Three colours here (bright yellow, teal and light pink) are of a different brand (Strengels), but it feels soft enough and similar enough to work well with the Pingofine yarn. I already had some mint, hot pink and several shades of blue. This cost me around 20€, pretty cheap for such nice yarn!


I also had to indulge one of my other passions, make-up, as some new limited editions had been released. My favorite products are blushes, highlighters, lipsticks and nail polishes, but the only thing that interested me form the new LE’s was a blush (from the Essence Floral Grunge LE) and a huge highlighter (from the Catrice Candy Shock LE). And I had run out of nail hardener so I picked up a bottle of that too!

More yarn!

I have forever been wanting to try this yarn. I had some grey, but had read that there were amazing colours available in this line. The Zeeman that I visited had just been stocked so I got to dive through bins stuffed with yarn (amazing!!! I recommend this for anyone having a rough day!) I’m thinking of using these in the same blanket as the yarn above.


And yet more yarn! I couldn’t resist the mint Royal yarn. This would be so cute for hexipuffs, but it might be a bit too thick… You may remember my dark purple sparkly hexipuff. I love how this yarn works up so I picked up a hot pink skein for puffing purposes! I currently have a lot of darker puffs so I need to brighten it up a bit. The three other balls of yarn are for my ripple blanket. I’m afraid of running out. One of my largest fears came true. One of the colours is gone. The dark red was gone. The purple was almost gone and I grabbed the last white skein. Still plenty of the pink though. But I think I have enough now! I have two more of each colour for the ripples and 2 more of each colour for a border (except red, only one of red).


A new project, which I have yet to share, has taught me to love circular needles (this was my first time using them), so I picked up some different sizes ( size 10mm and 5mm) and a back up of my 4mm as that seems to be used often and I can have multiple projects on the go this way!

I also picked up some random articles. Cotton pads and eye make up remover. I’ve never seen this brand before, but it feels really nice! I also picked up a pack of trash bags (last time I picked up a teeny tiny size haha! Not very useful! And a set of clothing rollers (to take care of icky hair, etc on my black wool coat). the weird thing: they’re scented! I’ve never seen these scented before!

Okay that’s it once again. I’m off to stash this new yarn on Ravelry!

Lots of love,



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