Finished Object Friday

Hello Everyone!

Finally i’m getting around to posting on my finished branching out scarf! It took me a while to block the thing and then there was the problem of photo’s… I usually blog at night, so taking a picture on the spot isn’t really an option and during the day I seem to forget all about it. Oops! But I finally snapped some pictures this afternoon and am ready to show it off.

Today will just be a quick sneak peak. All my projects, once finished, get their own post and moment in the spotlight. I will share details about the project, what I thought of the pattern and of course: more pictures!

So first up today: My branching out scarf! You can read about the start of this project here.



Here it is blocking. It turned out to be slightly to long for the mattress I was using and only then did I realize I should have placed it diagonally… I’ll remember that for the next time!

I actually rather enjoyed blocking this scarf. I’d never done anything like this before but it was quite fun! I knew what I was doing was going to be worth it and so did my very best. i think I spent 2 hour pinning the thing out!

This is the scarf after blocking. It’s gone through a major change! It no longer curls, the lace pattern is clearer and it is a lot softer. Definitely worth the trouble!

The second thing I finished this week was Harold, whom was featured extensively in my Hoppy Easter post! For more pictures of Harold I advise you to check out this post!

Harold says hi!

My sister’s friend specifically requested handmade gifts for her birthday next Friday. As I had offered to teach my sister knitting and crochet before she approached me for help. She wanted to make something funny and not to difficult. We ended up picking the Splat Cat coasters. A coaster that makes it look like there is a cat squashed under our glass. It sounds a little strange, but they are hilarious and pretty cute if you ask me! I decided to test the pattern out before hand, so I finished one of these cute little kitties this week as well. Tonight we started working on the next set together. It’s not an ideal pattern to learn to crochet, but my sister is getting the hang of it!


I also got back on the hexiipuff train this month and have set myself a goal of 15 although I wish to make more! here are the ones I’ve made from the first of april until now. Another is on the needles as we speak.

April 2nd

April 4th

April 5th

That’s all for this week! I hope to have as many things to show you next week!

Lots of love,


ps. I’m linking up with Tami’s Amis once again, check out what others got up to this week!


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