Hoppy Easter!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely easter! I wanted to write about this earlier, but was too busy stuffing my face with chocolate eggs and other yummy things. And knitting/crochet. I managed to do quite a lot this weekend! I started and finished a project on the same day (!) and got some good progress on other projects. I spent some time on my ripple and added a couple rows. And I’ve finally picked my not so business casual socks back up (seeing as how my moms birthday gift is already late, it seems I’ve lost the will to focus completely on only that project and drive myself insane while doing so. So I’m doing other things in between) But I’ll work on that for a while tonight.

Today I wanted to show off a new friend: Harold!


Meet Harold, my easter bunny! We forgot to decorate our house this year, but I wanted at least something easter themed on the table for our breakfast. I had seen some other bunnies that were made following this pattern (Easy easter bunny by Janette Williams) and thought they were super cute, so I decided to make one too! It was my first crochet project apart from granny squares and my ripple (oh and my pincushion). It went very well. The pattern was very detailed and easy to follow.

Here’s some more shots of Harold!

Floofy butt!

Harold has a floofy butt! This was my first time making pom poms. My first one failed, but after that it went okay! I never knew you could make these with a fork!


Uhoh! Harold became a pincushion! I needed a place to store pins after my very first time blocking (update to follow soon!) and well harold volunteered! (really he did!)

His muzzle is a bit wonky, but I find it adds character! Just don’t tell Harold, he doesn’t know yet!

Okay Harold, time for you to stop hogging this post! So I’lll show you a the progress I made on my socks.

Not so business casual

I’ve done the heel and am ready to pick up stitches and start on the gusset. This will be a fun knit because it’s nice and challenging. It’s only my second pair of socks and the first with a pattern and the pattern continues on the foot. I’ll need to keep my head in the game!

That’s it for today!

Lots of love,



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