Nail Polish Shopping

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t blogged about it that much yet, but besides crochet and knitting I also have another passion: nail polish! Doing my nails puts me in a zen mood. It’s calming and I feel accomplished when I pull of a tricky design on both hands without there being a large difference between my left and right hand (because drawing on your right hand with your left hand using a tiny brush is tricky!) I love finding a colour I didn’t have (yet) in my ever growing nail polish stash (I think i’m at approximately 250 bottles of polish now). I love that feeling when, after buying a new bottle of polish, I swatch it on a nail wheel and catalogue the colour for easy use.

I especially love finding polishes that are discontinued, but still fairly new. This is where today’s post comes in. I like blogsales! A blogsale is a sale hosted by a blogger where they sell products they don’t use anymore. Sometimes new or practically new, sometimes used slightly, but always at a very advantageous price! I recently did some shopping and I thought I would share what I bought today.


New nail polish!



From left to right: Kiko – 319, Attitude – City Romance and Orly – Goddess.


Catrice nail polish

From left to right: Catrice – Am i blue or am i green, Catrice – I sea you!. Catrice – Iron Mermaiden, Catrice – Put lavender on the agenda, Catrice LE Big city life – Berlin and Catrice – Let’s talk about Barrie.

I didn’t realize this when ordering, but there’s a lot of purplish tones in there! I got an absolute steal on these polishes! Including shipping I only paid €12,70! That’s €1,40 per polish!

I haven’t been doing my nails for a while as they have been needing a rest after christmas. And I also forgot to do my cuticles…oops. Right now I’m getting my cuticles back into shape and am getting guy nails ready for more polish ( they are very short right now). But even so I couldn’t resist putting on some new polish straight away. This is my first Orly polish and I love the shade so I decided to use that one.

Orly Goddess

Isn’t it an amazing colour? I have a lot of polish, but this colour is pretty unique! I can’t say I’ve ever come across a similar shade! And for somebody who only buys budget brands, this is such a treat. Not that budget polishes aren’t any good, but this polish is a dream to apply! It’s a true one-coater. With one coat of polish your nail is completely covered and completely opaque. I applied two coats out of habit though….

Do you ever buy second hand?

Lots of love,







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