Busy Days

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for my radio silence the past few days! I remember thinking i should blog on Thursday, but suddenly it’s Sunday evening and I haven’t had any time at all. I have spent my days working on things for school and knitting, knitting, knitting. The school thing was a bit unexpected and a great example of why I don’t particularly like working in groups of more than three people. For my strategy course we have groups of five or more people and in a group like that it seems inevitable that at least some members are unmotivated and unwilling to do the work required of them. I’m not always wanting to do schoolwork, but when I have to or when I get started, it has to be done well. I don’t allow myself to slack once i get going (though I do have some trouble starting every now and then, but again doesn’t everyone?). In this current group there is one extremely motivated girl, I don’t know her that well but she and I have the same values when it comes to school work. Another girl does the work and does it well but not with any enthusiasm. Two other group members are hopeless and well honestly incredibly annoying. They ignore deadlines, they “forget” to come to meetings (meetings they planned and we rearranged our schedules for!) and do the minimum amount of work. Last Friday we needed to hand in a presentation, the text for that presentation and a report on the contents. Quite a task if you want to do it well. We had decided the tasks and everyone would write a small section for our strategy analysis. I would edit it into one logical entity and make the presentation. And edit the sections written into a text to go with it. We set a deadline for the writing of the sections so I would have enough time to get things together and on Thursday morning we had a meeting. Only myself and the other motivated girl showed up. And I had only received one other section necessary for our business plan. We sat there for 2 hours and never even received a text or email explaining where they were (which to date we still haven’t had). I eventually got all the segments that Thursday evening. Because no one showed up we couldn’t trust that they would write the report (plus they weren’t responding to our emails/texts) so I offered up to do that as well (the other girl already does a lion share of the work as we are studying a German company and she is the only one who actually speaks German. She conducts the interviews and translates them). I ended up working on the assignment until 4 in the morning! The next day our other group members actually got mad at us for them having handed it in whilst the other girl (sounds silly, but don’t want to give her name, so the “the other girl” it is 😉  ) had already takes care of that (because I was asleep).

African Flower pincushion

Unfortunately this threw a wrench in my knitting plans. My mom’s birthday is on the 25th, but I would be away to school so we were going to celebrate on Sunday. Due to the unexpected work for school I could’t get my gift for her done in time. I had told her beforehand that she wouldn’t be getting her real gift for another week at least, but also didn’t want to show up without a gift. Especially since my sister’s gift hadn’t arrived in the mail yet! So I grabbed my African Flower pincushion, that she had admired several times pinned a little note to it reading “to be continued” and wrapped it up for her. She liked it and can’t wait for her other gift!

This week I want to get that gift done and blocked, block my Branching out scarf and get in some quality time with my ripple!

See you tomorrow!

Lots of love,



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