Casting on: Not so business casual

Hello Everyone,

I mentioned them briefly in my Project Mania post, but on the 13th of March I cast on my second pair of socks! The first socks I ever made, I made in February and they were plain basic socks. I loved the process so much that I had been itching to try a more intricate sock with a pattern. When I stumbled across the perfect pattern, Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee, I couldn’t resist any longer. Even with all my other projects, I picked out some fun (and very bright) sock yarn and cast on.

Example sock – Tanis Lavallee

Casting on

The yarn I’m using is Strengels Acrylgaren in the colour 103. It’s a really really bright variegated yarn with pink, red, purples and a neon orange. I’m using a ball (50 grams/ 125 meters) per sock, so 2 balls total.

And this is my progress so far.

Not so business casual

Not os business casual

I’ve done ten rows of ribbing, one full pattern repeat and am halfway through the second repeat. The pattern suggests 3 repeats, but I’m only going to do 2. I have slightly less yarn than recommended by the pattern and don’t want to run out near the end. If in the end this leaves leftovers I can just use these for hexipuffs!

The pattern looks tricky, but is actually really easy to do! You just have to keep counting and remember which row you’re on. I’m really enjoying knitting these!

Lots of Love,



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