A Lazy Weekend

Hello Everyone,

I had a lovely weekend! I hope you did too? This weekend was the first weekend I stayed in my dorm room, usually I go home to my parents every weekend. This time however my parents were going to come down on Saturday and together we would go to Parents Day at my University. I was a bit surprised when they first announced this day, because you hardly ever hear about days like these for university students. After a quick deliberation with the home front we decided to go. It would have been crazy for me to go to them Friday evening and then return Saturday morning, so i stayed home. And it turned out to be a very relaxing weekend!

On Friday I spent quite some time getting my room tidied up. I organized my yarn. It was just sitting around in a plastic bag and gathering dust, so I put them into two empty containers. I was quite surprised that everything fit! The containers don’t stay shut on their own anymore, but they sit under my bed, so the lid can’t pop off. I also finally got around to organizing my make up. For Christmas I got a helmer cabinet. I had already organized my nail polish, but my make up was still in little baskets.

All organized

My make up now occupies two drawers. I thought this would be more than enough space, but everything barely fit, uhoh!


After cleaning all dayI sat down with a nice pizza Hawaii and watched the first two episodes of a new series called Alcatraz on tv. I really like the show!

The next morning I got up bright and early to get ready for Parents day. My parents got here at 9.30 and we had to be at the uni at 10.30 at the latest. My mom brought me a lovely gift! She didn’t want to do the traditional flowers, so she picked out something else.

Fruit, fruit and some more fruit!

She put together this lovely fruit basket for me! I love fruit! And these are luxury fruits I’ve never tried before from a green grocers in town. The strawberries were so delicate you couldn’t even wash them or the skin would break and lose flavor. And the cherry tomatoes were flavored with honey!

We got a small gift at the event.


After the event at uni, we decided to go into town for a bit.


And I saw my first real yarnbombing! it looked so cute! Green with flowers on it! I trade me wonder though, some of the pieces were up really high (the “artwork” is pretty large). How did they reach? I always think of yarnbombing as something sly or secretive, I can’t imagine them using a ladder,etc. I think it would call so much attention!

On the way to a cafe we did some shopping and I discovered a store called Flying Tiger. It’s a danish brand with the cutest little things! They sell pretty much everything! Including yarn…

Flying Tiger

I bought 2 skeins of grey yarn with small accents in pink, purple and beige. I think this will be great for socks! I also bought some bright manila labels. I figured that they would be cute tags when i gift projects!

Jegging Pieces

At Pieces, a clothing and accessories store, I found this bright blue jeans legging for 5 euros. I have a gray pair like this as well and wear it a lot, it’s amazingly comfortable. And it has back pockets, so it doesn’t look like a legging when you’re wearing it. I’ve been wanting to get a brighter pair of pants, so when I saw this pair I had to buy them.

The shops then started closing so we had a drink in the town centre in a cafe called De Waagh. It was a beautiful old building that had been completely restored into a trendy cafe with all the old style elements still there. After a quick drink we went to our restaurant, Appels en Peren (Apples and Pears). A dorm mate had recommended the restaurant.It was so good! The service was kind and quick and the food was amazing, but affordable! I think it’s one of my favorite restaurants!

Here’s wat we ate.

My entree

I had garlic crisps with a marinated meat (can’t remember the kind).

Mom’s entree

Mom had salmon wraps.

I didn’t get a photo of dad’s entree, but he had an XL carpaccio with goats cheese, that looked really yummy!

My main

I had salmon in bread crust with a eastern mash (in dutch called “stamp”, but I don’t think foreigners really have something similar. It’s mashed potatoes mixed, in this case, with eastern vegetables and flavors).

My dessert

For dessert I had a creme brûlée with licorice flavoured icecream. It was amazingly good!


Mom and Dad had a chocolate cake with white chocolate ice cream.

After dinner my parents had some coffee and i had a lovely mug of mint tea. I love mint tea after dinner. Especially if i overate. It calms my belly and cleanses the palate.

Mint tea

After dinner my parents dropped me off at home and started the drive back. I was watching some tv, but actually fell asleep on the couch… Luckily my parents called when they got home safely and I woke up. I then watched the movie “The Island” before going to bed. I love this movie! I can definitely recommend it!

On Sunday I slept late, I was exhausted from the day before! After a slow start I watched some movies and worked on my ripple.

Ripple ❤

I first watched the ending of “The roommate” with Leighton Meester. I had started watching this another time, but never saw the ending. I then watched The Impossible… WOW. This is such an impressing story. I think i cried more watching this movie than ever during a movie! The story was so gripping. I think i could rematch it immediately and still feel just as many emotion. I think this is a must-see for everyone.


I ate my yummy strawberries, they deserve their fame! They are super sweet and tender!

New York!!!

I ended my day with some planning for my trip to New York with my dad!

I had the perfect weekend. One day full of activities and one day of intense relaxation. The perfect combination if you ask me! Unfortunately it’s now back to the school benches and back to work. I hope your weekend was as nice as mine!

Lots of Love,



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