Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?!

Hello Everyone!

Here I was thinking Spring was finally upon us, when all of a sudden: snow. This years Winter has been really weird. It has been cold a lot, but that is pretty normal for a Dutch winter. But the snow this year has been a little out of the norm! Usually we either have a really dry winter (little rain and no snow) of we have a wet winter with a bit of snow (usually one period of snow –> about a week, and a lot of rain). This year we had several periods with quite severe snowfall (for us anyway, other countries laugh at our snow!). In fact as we speak it’s snowing! It’s so weird!

I thought that today I would share a nailart I made a while ago, because it’s fits perfectly with the current weather!

Snow Nails

Snow Nails

Snow Nails


Lots of love,



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