Finished Object Friday

Hello Everyone!

This week has flown by! And I feel like I haven’t managed to get a lot done this week at all. It’s high time I got my ass in gear. I have loads of projects (if you read Yesterday’s post, you’ll know!) and I have a ton of schoolwork that I’ve been ignoring (knitting is too much fun, darn it!). And still, I have only one, really tiny, finished object for today.

One hexipuff. One.

To be honest my hand was really bothering this week and I’ve only been crafting again since Wednesday. And my Branching Out scarf is almost done, but not just yet. I think I will finish that over the weekend. So then it will have to wait until next Friday!

On to my puff.

Textured puff

It’s my second textured puff. Via a pattern of slipped stitches you create three cable like effects. I only recently learned how to read charts, so it took some getting used to, but eventually I got there! I messed up a little on the backside of the puff. In the very last row something went wrong and i lost a few stitches. I picked them back up, but I got a few holes…

The chart I used can be found on Ravelry. There are a few others available as well. They were made by Ravelry user, Coxabey. You can find the charts in her projects on her projects page (here, here and here). If you use them make sure you thank her for these lovely charts!

That’s it for today! Hopefully I’ll have more to show next week!

Lots of love,



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