Project Mania

Arrghhh! I’ve gone and done it again! I have way way way too many projects going at the same time. Here’s a list of what I’m working on:

– A ripple blanket, about 1/2 done

– Heirloom blanket, currently on hold.

– Beekeepersquilt, nowhere near done.

– Scale scarf, currently in a neat ball of yarn due to the troubles I was having.

– Branching out, about 1/3 done. I’m not really sure, because I want to use the entire skein of yarn, but am not even halfway and the scarf is already pretty long! (I’m at 14 repeats, the pattern recommends 30)

– A Birthday gift for my mum. I had done a few rows, but the realized my needles were too large. I found a smaller size and need to cast on soon. Mum’s birthday is on the 25th!

– A pair of socks for myself. Ever since my first pair of socks, i wanted to try some socks with some sort of pattern on them. So yesterday evening when I stumbled across the perfect pattern, I just started… I was considering scrapping mom’s other gift and giving her these, but I don’t think she’ll like the colours… (They’re a really bright, and a little garish, combination of red, neon orange, and different shades or purple)

And I also have some projects that I really want to start:

– A little crochet car amigurumi to put on a keychain (my sister is taking her driving test as I speak as I type, and I want to give her a fun car keychain when she passes. I’m 100% certain she will, so I need to get started!)

– A african flower pincushion. My mom saw my pincushion and loved it. SHe immediately asked if I could make her one too. So I want to make this as a small send gift!

– And a load of other things (seriously, Ravelry is feeding my Startitis! I keep seeing new, fun and challenging projects that I just have to try!), but I’m not going to list all the things I dream of making. The list would be endless haha!

I have no idea how to get my gifts done in time and catch up on my schoolwork (I’ve fallen a bit behind, eek!). But I’m going to make it work somehow. For some classes I watch a video of the class online (Isn’t that a luxury?! I could go to class and stay in bed at the same time, i’m so lucky!) and I can combine that with my Ripple (which I have been neglecting for two weeks and am now missing like crazy!), because it’s such an easy pattern and takes hardly any concentration. And it keeps my hands busy! For other classes I have an audio tape of the lectures, so the same principle works there.

I’m not sure if ti would be smarter to finish some other projects first or cast on my gifts and finish those first, which will result in even more projects laying around…

I love crochet and knitting, but at times like these I really feel like I’ve taken on too much work at once. I think I’m going to make it a rule that I will have a maximum of 5 projects at once: 3 longer projects (ripple, beekeepers quilt, heirloom granny) and 2 faster projects ( socks, scarves, etc).

Another new rule: When my hands/wrists/arms/shoulders/neck starts hurting. I stop and give the offending body part a rest. I did not do this when my left wrist and hand started hurting about two weeks ago, but I kept on knitting… Two weeks later and my hand still hurts. I have this type of injury rather frequently (my joints are overly mobile) and usually it heals a lot faster. So I didn’t take it so serious this time and that showed. I think I actually cried a few times due to the pain and I don’t cry that easily!

Today my hand is feeling a lot better, but still not 100%. Hopefully by Sunday it will be back to normal.

And now it is time to get cracking on …. something branching out! I want to finish that thing!

Lots of love,


ps. Ahw, I   just heard that my sister did not pass her test. Apparently her examination was very strict! So that gives me a little more time to work on her gift!


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