Trouble in Paradise

Hello Everyone,

Remember my enthusiasm when I wrote to you all about my newest project, my Scale Scarf? Well… sadly the enthusiasm has faded. I was about 23 repeats in, when I decided that the scarf was becoming to dense and I should really start over with a larger hook. Again. You see, I had frogged the entire scarf once before… Also due to a too small hook. My first attempt was with a 4.00 mm hook and the scarf was able to stand alone, it was way too firm. My second attempt was the hook recommended by the pattern (5.00 mm). At first it looked good, but eventually it still wasn’t flexible enough.

So I frogged. And I frogged. And then I frogged some more. When I decided to start frogging I had already used a full skein… It hurt and my mom declared me crazy. But I really think it’s going to be worth it. I’m currently working on some other projects that have a deadline, and therefore must take precedence, but after that I will give this scarf another go. With a larger hook. I’m thinking a 6.00 mm. I had actually made a swatch with this hook before starting with the 5.00 mm but i thought it was too loose. Now, I’ve learned that the fabric at the beginning of the scarf (The point) is not a good representation of the rest of the scarf. The rest seems to be a bit more dense and firm.

Scale scarf

Here’s the last photo I took before frogging the thing completely. I had already ripped out a few rows, but couldn’t resist taking one last photo.

Lots of Love,



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