Casting on: Branching out

Hello Everyone!

I cast on a new project on the 7th of March, so it’s about time I shared it with you! It’s a knit Lace scarf and it’s said to be a good project for those who want to start to learn to knit lace. I had kept this scarf in the back of my mind, but I had no idea what yarn to use.

The scarf in question is called Branching out by Susan Lawrence , you can find it on Ravelry here.

Branching Out

Lace pattern

Above is a close-up of the lace pattern. It’s gorgeous! I really think the name of this pattern fits perfectly!

As I said, I didn’t know what yarn to use. Until I saw that a friend on Ravelry, Charami showed us a picture when she had recently started the scarf.

Charami’s Branching out

This is the picture she shared. It was basically love at first sight. I loved the yarn she used with it’s gorgeous ombre effect and how perfectly it showed of the lace pattern. Intrigued I checked out her project page and studied the yarn she had used. Lo and behold! I have two balls of the exact same yarn!!

So I decided that when I was a little more confident in my knitting that I would cast on the same scarf with the exact same yarn. And I did, I’ve shamelessly copied her and cast on the same scar fin the same yarn 🙂

My yarn seems to be pooling a little differently, but I still like it! The fact I like even more, is that the yarn is amazingly soft and squishy. This saturday I splurged on some more expensive wool when I visited a yarn store for the first time and although the yarn is beautiful, it’s a bit scratchy. So no hats, scarves, etc out of that yarn. This yarn (Wibra Bianca, comes in balls of 100 gr/ 260 meters. Colour: 70506) is soft and therefore excellent for such projects!

Branching out – Beginnings

Branching out – Pattern

Branching out – Progress

I’m already a little further now, but you’ll see my progress on Wednesday when I share all my works in progress with you 😉


Lots of love,



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