Catrice – Just Berried!

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be showing you a nail polish I recently purchased through a blogsale. I actually bought 11 polishes at the time! This polish is called 370 Just Berried and is from the brand Catrice. It’s a deep berry red purple. This is one of the older Catrice polishes, so it still has the slim brush (which I actually prefer) instead of the broader, rounded brush the polishes have now.The polish is a little older, but the quality is still great. It has a good consistency, it hasn’t thickened over time. It’s easy to apply and dries fairly quickly. It dries with a glossy sheen, but for the best shine, I would use a topcoat. This also helps to protect from chipping and tip wear.

I wore this polish for about 3 days without any major damage. (I never wear any polish a lot longer than that, I usually switch it a lot faster. I did however try a new topcoat and ended up damaging my manicure slightly).




Do you ever wear purple nail polish?

Love, Renée


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