Work in Progress Wednesday

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for WIP (work in progress) Wednesday! Every Wednesday I will be showing my current WIP’s! This category was started by Tami’s Amis and I will be linking up with her every wednesday! So after reading what I’ve been working on, please stop by and check out what others are doing!

This week I’ve been completely hypnotized by hexipuffs! Hexipuffs? Yes hexipuffs! Hexipuffs are small knit hexagons that you stuff with a filling. When you have enough you can stitch them together to form a blanket, the Beekeepersquilt by Tiny Owl Knits. If a blanket seems a bit daunting, you can use them to make a cute pillow! I’m actually going for the blanket, but in February (when I bought the pattern) I only made 5. This month I want to do better. So I’ve set a goal for myself: I will make one hexipuff a day. More is always acceptable, but at least one. Unfortunately I haven’t started mine for today yet and the others are done, so they’re not really WIP’s…

I’ve also managed to find some time to work on my scale scarf. Every Friday and Sunday I have a two hour train trip to and from my parents house (I go back home every weekend). I’ve been considering working on a project in the train, but I was a bit scared of doing so. This Friday I had decided to just do it. Once on the train doubt set in again and I stuffed my things into my suitcase. Until the lady across from me pulled out her knitting. I had to laugh and I told her I was considering doing the same! I couldn’t resist any longer and grabbed my nearly finished hexipuff and got to work, al the while chatting away. It was so lovely to meet someone with the same interests! We caused quite a stir on the train. People kept coming over to see what we were doing and to chat. People even thought we were related! When I finished my puff I pulled out my scale scarf and worked on that. Hexipuffs are very fun, but I’m not a good enough knitter to feel comfortable working on them on the train. My scarf is just a bit easier to do. I got a lot of work done and the trip flew by. I’ll definitely be doing that again!

And I did. Yesterday evening we had a dorm meeting ( a small meeting in which we discussed some issues and did some spring cleaning). We started a bit later so I brought my scarf along and worked on it while we waited for the people that were late. The meeting was held in the communal sitting area and, while I’ve lived here for roughly half a year, I never really sit there. So a lot of people were interested in what I was doing, but I didn’t get any negative responses (which I have been fearing). Again I got quite a bit done, so my scale scarf is looking quite a bit larger!

Scale Scarf 1

Scale scarf now

I have 18 repeats done and am working on the 19th repeat. Not even nearly done yet, but slowly and steadily getting there. I’m not rushing to finish it before the cold leaves, because I get cold very easily so I will be able to wear it anyway.


Another project of mine hasn’t had too much love this week. I love love love it, but one row takes forever. I’m talking about my ripple blanket. I measured it today and it’s now 178 centimeters wide and 92 centimeters long. I want to make it at least 150 centimeters long, but I would prefer to make it a square (same length and width).


When I first started I just picked some random yarn from my mini stash (that has now become rather huge) and got started. The colours are not something I regularly go for. On their own maybe, but not together. But now, I really love this blanket and the colours. Just because it’s not something i would regularly go for.

The next WIP I started last night and is top secret, so don’t tell anyone okay? Shhhttttt!

It’s going to be a birthday gift for my mum. I wanted to make her something for her birthday and found the perfect pattern and the perfect yarn. Problem: that pattern has both intarsia and lace, both of which I’ve never even tried before… I looked up all the new stitches and just cast on. So far so good. There is a chart, but luckily the pattern has also been written out, because I can’t read charts yet. I ripped it out a few times after trying it out, because I felt my tension was too loose. Now it’s going rather well!


Sweetness Surprise

Close up


This is all I have been working on the past week ( I have some other projects, but those are hibernating for a while).

What have you been working on?

Lots of love,





5 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. I’m doing the hexipuffs too! I’ve got about a dozen and a half, and I went ahead and stitched them together. I figured if I see the blanket growing, I’ll be more likely to keep making puffs.

    • Renée Kies says:

      Aren’t they great? I’m thinking that I’ll attach them at the end of each month, that way I’ll keep my motivation and it can lie and be pretty on my couch! I’m currently on a decorating streak. I want special puffs!

  2. You have a lot going on! I say don’t be shy about knitting or crocheting on the train! It’s a great time to do it and yea, others are curious which is a good thing 🙂

    • Renée Kies says:

      Thank you! I have a bad case of startitis, I keep wanting to start new things!
      I’m feeling a little braver about working on the train, going to keep it up. It’s such a good use of my time!

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