African Flower Pincushion

Hello Everyone,

I have a small project to share with you today! I wrote about this in another post, but the pictures were horrible and did not do this project justice at all. So I’m going to show it off a little more today! I recently purchased a set of 480 pins on ebay and I needed a place to store them while at work. In other words, I needed a pincushion!

I found this cute tutorial on how to make an african flower pincushion and decided that that would be the way to go. Unfortunately My yarn wasn’t the most ideal for this project and I had to alter the pattern quite a bit. In the end my pincushion turned out a bit small, but very cute! And this way I can make lots of different pincushions to hold all the pins.

A pincushion is really a quick and fun project to do! Because it isn’t that big it’s done fairly quickly. I whipped this little darling up in one evening (and I’m a newbie, so I work fairly slowly!)

Love, Renée


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