Casting on: Scale Scarf

Hello Everyone!

I just cast on my favorite project to date and felt I just had to share it with you! I cast on a scarf I have been eying for a while. I already had the pattern (It was gifted to me by a friend), but I thought the stitches used in the pattern would be a bit too tricky for someone of my skill level.

Yesterday I travelled back to my dorm. At my parents we had had some wet snow, but none of the snow stayed put. When I arrived at my dorm there was at least 5 centimeters of snow on the ground. And it was cold. Really cold. I only have to walk a tiny bit to my building, but I practically froze on the way over. Luckily (although it could have been bad), I had forgotten to turn off the central heating when I left on Friday, so my room was nice and warm. These cold temperatures got me thinking about this scarf again and this time I was allowed to cast on. I had finished my NSSKAL socks a few hours earlier so I had room for a new project! (I will be posting about the socks soon, but i need to get some good pictures first!)

Back to my new project:

I am using this pattern by Bonita Patterns. If you want to cast on the same scarf, I recommend checking out her book (available both in print and as an ebook): Crocodile Stitch Fashions (Amazon). It’s actually the scarf on the front cover of the book.

Made by BonitaPatterns. Project information here

This pattern is amazing! It’s clear and well written, but doesn’t repeat explanations endlessly (A pro in my mind: I hate having to read how a stitch works every single time you need it). The pattern, once you have it down, is very easy. You can work on this project in front of the television without any trouble.

I’m using a fingering weight acrylic yarn from Action (a Dutch budget store). This is the same yarn as I used for my lace wrist warmers, you can see those here. I still have to add the largest part of my stash to my Ravelry stash page, so you won’t see this yarn listed there yet. I have to get started on that soon!

I’m still undecided on the fringe. I think it would look nice, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn and it bothers me to have to start a new skein just for a fringe… I saw a photo of someone who had only attached a tassle at the point of the scarf. I think that might be a good middle ground. But I think I would attach a hassle to each of the points as well.

What would you do?




3 thoughts on “Casting on: Scale Scarf

    • Renée Kies says:

      Thank you! I’m sure you’ll pick it up in no time! It looks tough, but it’s not really that complicated! This pattern is actually really easy! If you know the basic stitches you can do this too. The pattern comes with a lot of photographs and clear instructions!
      Good luck!

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